The Last Links of 2021 (plus a story)!

It’s finally happening. After 365 days that felt more like a decade, 2021 is drawing to a close. It’s been a rough one for all of us, myself very much included, but it’s also been a learning experience. One of the things I’m starting 2022 with is a new sense of profound gratitude for the little things I used to take for granted—falling snow, warm clothing, Zoom meetups with dear friends and beloved family, and so much more. And links! It wouldn’t be right to let a year slip away without a list of great links from the around the web, so please enjoy the last links of 2021!

First, Story Time!

But before we get to the links, I want to share one of the things I’m most proud of in 2021: Finishing two short stories! I’ve been working on them for years, and now the first two stories from my upcoming collection—Tales from Existentia—are complete! The first is being released in parts, as I read them live on Twitch and then post them on YouTube. I’d love to know what you think of “Dwayne,” parts 1 and 2, below!

Dwayne – Part 1

First of all, I love this still shot. I look like such a fanatic. And it’s really fitting for the tone of the tory, TBH. Because the story I’m reading—”Dwayne”—is both entertaining and deeply creepy. In this video, I’m reading the first third of the story, where we meet the protagonist and her new roommate: a monolith that appears in her living room uninvited one day, which she names Dwayne and learns to live with as she waits for the insurance company to help her get it removed…

Dwayne – Part 2

In Part 2 of “Dwayne,” our protagonist becomes a local celebrity known as “Rock Girl” when photos from her rock-themed Halloween party go viral. She finds herself loving all the attention, working on her new novel, and enjoying the company of a new paramour named Janice. That is, until Dwayne the rock starts to move…

Join me on January 11 at 5:00 MST (that’s UTC -7) for the final reading of “Dwayne”! I’ll be reading live from the story while Jayel Draco creates illustrations from the story! You can watch both streams at this link!

And there just miiiight be something more coming from this story. Find out what by clicking here!

Now, On to the Links!

This has been quite a month for seggs-related news, so without further ado…

Maitland Ward vs. Billie Eilish on P(o)rn

Billie Says P*rn “Destroyed Her Brain”

In an interview with Howard Stern (from whence we know much wisdom flows, cough cough), 19-year-old musical superstar Billie Eilish lashed out at the adult entertainment industry. “As a woman, I think p0rn is a disgrace,” she said. “I used to watch a lot of porn, to be honest. I started watching porn when I was like 11.” She went on, “I think it really destroyed my brain and I feel incredibly devastated that I was exposed to so much porn.”

Maitland Ward Says Eilish Should Never Have Been Watching It

Maitland Ward, a Hollywood star turned adult performer, hit back in a statement to TMZ. “Who was watching over her? Does she have parental figures in her life? She should be blaming her parents, that’s abuse. A child should not be watching, ever, at that age,” she said.

And, while Ward said that she thinks Eilish is “too young to make that kind of assessment about porn, sex and everything,” she conceded that Eilish “has a voice like that for so many young people.” With that voice, Ward continued, “She will put a stigma on the p(o)rn industry just because she had a personal experience that was very abusive and detrimental. And it’s her own thing, it’s not the p//rn industry’s problem.”

Personally, I agree with Ward. It really sucks that Billie Eilish didn’t have more supervision over her online activities when she was younger. Adult entertainment is for adults, not impressionable kids, and it’s a shame that it wasn’t treated that way for her. But blaming an entire industry for her own unfortunate personal experience is a step too far.

Read more about the feud here!

P//rnhub 2021 Year in Review

Say what you will about P*rnhub (and believe me, I have a lot to say), but their yearly round-up of user habits is a riveting read every year, and 2021 is no different.

A few interesting takeaways:

The pandemic has changed our interests in adult entertainment. Searches for “roommate” skyrocketed this year, as people fantasized about those they were stuck inside with. But so did “threesome” and “swapping,” as folks shacked up with their partners started looking for some novelty.

The “bisexual male” category boomed by a whopping 288% in 2021, which is fascinating. Perhaps lots of time to reflect on true desires has brought the bicuriousity out in many of us?

And, as we’ve all gotten bored with the same old thing, hentai has exploded in popularity, becoming the number one most searched term on P*rnhub.

Read more from the year in review here!

Holly Randall Unfiltered

Now, here to back up the industry, is longtime adult industry stalwart Holly Randall, who’s been killing it with her podcast, “Holly Randall Unfiltered,” lately. She interviews performers, directors, sexologists, and more on to talk about everything from “crossover” stardom to safety on set to gender-related double standards and more. You can watch the videos on YouTube (there’s a great example with one of my favorites, Tori Black, to the left) or listen anywhere you get your podcasts!

Credit unions are helping SWers take charge of their finances.

Another reason to be nice to secks workers is because they’ve got it rough when it comes to finances. There’s so much to know about how people in the secks industry are left out of, and sometimes kicked out of conventional banking and other financial setups. This article from Niko Bell at Xtra* breaks down how much of it works (in Canada, but also largely in America), and how credit unions might be a way around some of the most draconian, secks-negative, discriminatory practices.

Read the article here!

Kids of p*rn stars reveal their reactions to finding out what their parents did for a living.

A recent thread on Reddit asked the children of porn stars to come forward and reveal how they found out about what their folks did for a living — and what they thought about it. Most of the people who responded weren’t particularly shocked or worried—they just took it in stride.

One respondent said, “No, this hasn’t affected my relationship with my mom. No, I’m not disgusted with her choices…No, I don’t find it weird that she did it. It’s a job.”

Read more here!

That’s it for 2021, folks! I’ll see you in 2022!

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