I’m Still Alive!

Sorry for the lapse in posting, people! Last week was mega-busy with real-life stuff. I know. Ugggh. Real life. So underwhelming. But I had to take care of shiz, you know? uggggh. Shiz.

Anyway. While I was gone, some stuff happened you might want to know about:

1) I pitched my graphic novel, Tracy Queen, to a bunch of publishers and got some very promising reactions! No big news yet, but hopefully soon!

2) I published a new advice column at Luna Luna. This one was about communicating one’s desires for hookups after getting out of a long-term relationship. A niblet: “In your one-night encounters so far, were you hoping the guy would just leave and not be “weird” about it, because he was a guy?…If so, that’s not fair.”

3) I saw Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, starring Neil Patrick Harris and Lena Hall… both of whom won Tony Awards four days later. The show was astounding and I totally bawled and then spent the next day in shock.

4) I went on a short road trip for a family thing and sang along to the entire Hedwig soundtrack. Loudly.

Now it’s back to pitching Tracy Queen, writing for more Luna Luna and this here blog, and working on a poetry chapbook. Big things, peeps. Check back soon!

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