The Sex Factor: FINALLY, an adult entertainment reality show! (…?)

So, this is happening.

Yep. A million bucks, up for grabs to whomever wins “The Sex Factor,” an upcoming online reality show to find the next big porn star.

I want to write some brilliant piece of blog fodder about this, but honestly, all I can really come up with is: “Huh.”

I guess it’s about time, right? We’ve seen every other version of this, and very nearly this on Flavor of Love and The Bachelor and what-not. So why not just go for it? I mean… I’d watch it. And I probably will. I’m interested to see how Belle Knox comports herself as the host, and it’ll be really interesting to watch industry professionals form a panel of judges. This has a lot of educational potential for the general public: they’ll get to see what actually goes into being a porn star and maybe learn that it’s not as easy as it seems.

But I have questions: Who is putting this together? Where is this million dollars coming from? Will the winner be set up with an agent and/or manager of some kind in order to keep the work coming in once the contest is over? How do you guarantee somebody stardom in the disorganized porn industry? Will they be instructed in brand development? Money management? What will happen with the guys trying to get it up in front of the camera? Will we see the full-on hardcore action in the show, or will it be tastefully (hah!) obscured? Will there be pointers given on taking facials? Will there be any same-sex action, and if so, will it only be for the women? Will there be any people of color in this show? People of size? Am I going to get annoyed?

I can’t decide from here whether I hope that this show gets a huge viewership and tons of attention because it will bring so much potential education to viewers… or if I want to yawn and keep scrolling my facebook wall because this show is sure to just perpetuate all the lame crap that annoys me about mainstream porn. But only time will tell, I suppose.

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