Interview with Ivan at MEL Magazine

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Image courtesy of Ivan.

Happy Monday, folks! Have you been feeling dreary on this first day of the week? Are you bummed to be indoors at your desk while summer is starting outside? I know what you need: a dose of Ivan.

You might not know it, but the Russian-born gonzo porn director with a personalized Nike collection is probably what you need to lighten your mood and brighten your day. He sure lifted my spirits when I talked to him for MEL Magazine. I mean, who else can put the dismal state of American politics in its place so amusingly and astutely?

Ivan: It’s like we’re living in Idiocracy now. There’s a potential that a reality show businessman who’s a bully could run this country. It’s crazy! And you know, most of the time a lot of the country just sits around and watch reality shows all day. People love reality shows. They love the Kardashians. Trump is like the Kardashian of politics.

We also talked creativity, filmmaking, porn industry politics, enemas, and, naturally, Jack the Ripper. Read the rest at MEL Magazine!

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