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welcome-back reversible meat tenderizer williams sonoma lynsey g
It’s a “reversible meat tenderizer,” you guys. From Williams Sonoma. Faaancy.

Hello, world! I’m going to assume that you all had a lovely, long Memorial Day weekend filled with sun and fun and friends. Not because that’s really how I think your weekends all went, but because I spent mine home sick and working and I’m very bitter about it, and it gives me a weird scratch-that-itch kind of satisfaction to imagine that everybody had more fun than me. Masochist? Maybe a little

Anyway, now that you’re back to work, presumably, and probably having a hard time adjusting to real life again, I’m swooping in to help with some welcome-back links to keep you occupied! Enjoy!

  1. First of all, you need to see this new video from the mind-blowingly talented and also hilarious Reggie Watts, titled “If You’re Fucking, You’re Fucking.” Trust me. Trust Reggie.
  2. Okay you probably know by now that I adore Tina Horn. I’ve reviewed two of her books and interviewed her for Nerve and I just think she’s brilliant and super hip. And then she went and wrote this article, “Why the Dichotomy Between Porn and Erotica is False and Destructive” for The Establishment, and I was like, dammit, Tina, why you gotta always be so cool? And she was all, like,
    “The implication is that good (educated) people are aroused by erotica and bad (trashy) people are aroused by porn. Or, as the great feminist critic Ellen Willis put it way back in 1978: ‘In practice, attempts to sort out good erotica from bad porn inevitably come down to “What turns me on is erotic; what turns you on is pornographic.”‘”
    And I was like… Yeah, you’re cool.
  3. I know a lot of people who would really enjoy this “impressively weighty pounder” that Williams Sonoma is selling as a “Reversible Meat Tenderizer.” Suuuuure…it’ll tenderize your meat for you.
  4. A very in-depth article at the NYT about “Why Amnesty International is Calling for Decriminalizing Sex Work“! At last! Hooray! The conversation isn’t just inching forward, it might actually be taking whole steps!
  5. Here’s the first in a three-part series by Neve Be in Curve, titled, “Disabled Sexuality: We’re Here, We’re Queer, and We’re Sexy!” In it, Neve speaks with numerous other disabled folks about their sexual selves and makes a lot of excellent points, like this one:
    “Our disabilities have taught us a lot about how to have a body. And how to have a complicated body that wants complicated things. We are alive, dynamic beings, capable of complex feelings and desires. It is possible for our desires to be numerous, to shift, to change shape, for we are also numerous, diverse, and changing.”
  6. This commercial about a transgender woman and her friend from Absolut Vodka is, like, kind of great. Weird.
  7. Oh, hey, are you interested in comic books? Graphic novels? Art books? Progressive ideals? Independent publishing? Gorgeous art? Forward-thinking writing? Being a part of something groundbreaking? Well then, why don’t you get your cute butt over to the Patreon page for my new publishing company, Oneshi Press? Even a buck a month will help us put beautiful art books out into the world faster, and will also loop you in to all the cool stuff we’re doing–like livestreaming illustrator Jayel Draco’s art-making process, getting exclusive downloads of high-rez art, and seeing pages of our books as they’re produced! Come on…take a peek. You know you want to…
  8. And last but not least, an adorable breast health PSA from two of my favorite humans, Kelly Shibari and Buck Angel!

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