An Interview with Meg Ross, Founder of The Nooky Box

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I was fortunate to sit down with Meg Ross, the CEO and founder of The Nooky Box, in her backyard with a glass of wine and a recording device. And then I was fortunate enough to send the edited result of our conversation about entrepreneurship, feminism, sex-positivity, inclusivity, and, of course, lube, to the wonderful ladies of Luna Luna Magazine, who published it!

Meg is basically my entrepreneurial mentor–she’s built Nooky Box from the ground up with little more than a great idea and an iron will. And she’s got big plans for the future!

A tender nibble:

“We’re basically saying, as a company, we’re recognizing that everybody’s having sex, it’s always been happening. We think that everyone should continue to do it and talk about it in a really healthy way so that you can enjoy it more, not feel ashamed, not feel embarrassed, and really just enjoy yourself. That’s our philosophy.”

The Nooky Box is a subscription box service focused on changing the conversation around sex. With the best slogan I’ve ever heard (Yay sex!), big plans about how to enter the existing conversation, and a whole lot of excellent boxes to choose from, the Nooky Box is on the up and up! Go read the interview and get your own Nooky Box today!

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