A Q&A with Jacky St. James at MEL!

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I recently had a Q&A-style chat with eloquent, articulate, decorated writer and director of both hardcore porn and now softcore cable, Jacky St. James. We talked bout her new Showtime series, Submission, which ended its first season this month. The six-episode erotic thriller followed the adventures of a dissatisfied young woman who explores her sexuality in BDSM, getting involved in a dangerous love triangle along the way.

Naturally, I wanted to talk to her about how she negotiated the fine and ever-blurrier line between “mainstream” cable television and “adult film,” what the casting process looked like, the differences between filming hardcore and softcore, and, of course, what a late-night show about BDSM can teach viewers.

A niblet:

“People should learn to communicate what they want. It’s really that simple. Be with someone you feel comfortable with expressing your innermost desires [to]. Someone who won’t call you “crazy” for wanting something kinky. At the end of the day, communication and understanding is all you really need to have a great sex life.”

Happily, the good people at MEL Magazine were happy to not only publish our little chat, but also to take some gorgeous portraits of Jacky St. James at her home in L.A.! Read the whole thing and bask in Jacky’s loveliness at MEL!

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