Interview with Gianna Michaels

I had a blast talking to adult superstar Gianna Michaels at Exxxotica New Jersey in November. The video just went up on WHACK! Magazine’s YouTube last week (not my fault), but it’s worth watching even if it’s a little late.

(Disclaimer: giraffe penises are mentioned. So this is SFW but don’t turn the sound up too much, mmmkay?)

Gianna is  one smart, funny, and laid-back lady. I kinda want to spend a Saturday afternoon watching bad TV with her and eating potato chips. Or maybe kids’ cereal. I have a feeling she could get down with some Lucky Charms. And then, naturally, we’d have a pillow fight in our matching bra-and-panty sets, right?


0 thoughts on “Interview with Gianna Michaels

  1. Jenelle says:

    AHH!!! YOUR HAIR!! I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!

    and everything else about you too.
    You freaking rock.



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