Interview with the Girlvert

Once again, I’m just linking from here, but I really think you guys should read the interview I did with the notorious/naughty Girlvert herself, Ashley Blue aka Oriana Small for WHACK! Magazine. If you read my review from last week, you know I loved her book Girlvert: A Porno Memoir. Reading it made me think all over again about matters of consent and exploitation, degradation and empowerment, relationships and sex, and, well, everything. If the adult industry fascinates you as it does me, this is a must read. I myself was riveted. Couldn’t put it down. I was impressed by the strength of Small’s writing, but even more, with her ability to simply tell us her story without moralizing or editorializing. This is a raw, powerful, difficult, and not-at-all-beautiful story, and one I suggest you read. Danny Wylde, whose blog I love, agrees with me.

Anyway, the point here is: I was so impressed I sought out the author and interviewed her about some of the topics her book brought up in my mind. I was just as impressed with the interview as I was by the book, and I think you might be, too. This lady does not mince words. A little teaser:

Miss Lagsalot: I was very impressed with your ability to write a memoir that showed every side of your emotions as you went through extremes, both physical and emotional, without putting much of an op-ed spin on it. You’re telling the story like it was, but not trying to exhort your readers to feel any particular way about it. What do you expect them to feel in response?

Oriana Small/Ashley Blue: Thank you! That is exactly what I wanted to achieve with writing. I respect anyone who decides to pick up this book, read it and think for themselves. Readers and thinkers make make their own conclusions to whatever emotions connected in this story. I don’t want to tell anyone how to think or feel. That is what I hate most- being manipulated and told what to do. I wanted people to feel free while reading this

Read the whole thing here!

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