Proud to Be a New Yorker Today

Well, the excuse I offered my mom about why I’m not married yet (that I was showing solidarity with the gays–much easier than getting into my ideological issues with marriage in general, and MUCH easier than explaining that I’m queer, and also, yes, cowardly of me) just got thrown out the window. I guess I’ll have to face the music (the Liza Minnelli music) and either get married or tell the family the truth.

But that is the ONLY POSSIBLE DOWNSIDE of the news that the New York State legislature just passed a bill legalizing GAY MARRIAGE!!! Tomorrow’s annual pride parade is going to be absolutely amazing, and the weddings starting on July 24? Even better. I’m so happy to be here today and to have seen this huge  leap forward in the rights of all people to be recognized and treated as human beings!

Also, I hope this will change the language in my healthcare policy so that I can get coverage for my opposite-sex domestic partner. I find the term “same-sex domestic partner,” which is sprinkled liberally throughout my health insurance policy, insulting and just as discriminatory as the assumption that a “spouse” is opposite-sex. But, all in good time, I suppose. Right now? Bring on the joy!

Also, check out my review of Courtney Trouble’s BORDELLO on A perfect day for an extremely positive review of a queer porn film, don’t you think?

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