Inviting You Into Our World

It’s me! And my partner in life and business and creation, Jayel Draco! We’re inviting you into our worlds! With our new publishing company, Oneshi Press, we’re building gorgeous, fully designed, immersive worlds that readers of our art books, graphic novels, and comic books can get lost in. (We hope you’ll find the “lost” experience fun and exciting, but some worlds are a tad dark, so, like… bring a flashlight.)

Anyway, we’re funding the company even as we’re starting it using Patreon, a subscription-based crowdfunding service that lets patrons sign up to donate any amount every month, and we’ve got rewards lined up for every level of subscription! Think exclusive access to high-resolution art, letters from your fave characters, original stories and art featuring you, cameos in our books, free downloads of our publications, and more.

Learn alllll about it and sign up to get in on this action at Patreon!

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