Livestream with Oneshi Press tonight!

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I’m issuing an invitation: Tonight at 5:00 pm Mountain Time (that’s 7:00 EST and 4:00 PST), Jayel Draco will livestream his penciling process for the first page of Oneshi Press’s epic, awesome, pulp, sci-fi, sexy graphic novel, Tracy Queen! You can log in to (for free!) to watch his progress, chat with him, and meet other fans in the chat room.

I’m really excited to invite you to this event because, as you may know, I’ve been wanting to see Tracy Queen take shape for years. Jayel has made lots of concept and sample art for the book. We’ve enlisted the help of adult film stars to make cameo appearances. Together we’ve built a website and made Tracy’s character come to life with her own blog and social media accounts. Heck, we’ve started a publishing company in large part to publish a book about her and launched a crowdfunding campaign to get it off the ground!

Tracy has been with us for a long time, and I am overjoyed that with the help of our patrons from Patreon, we are finally in a position to start bringing her world into this one.

We’d love to see you watching, chatting, or even lurking around at tonight’s livestream, and we’d love just as much if you enjoy what you see enough to contribute to making it happen more often! Check out how we’re funding our publishing company at Patreon, and tune in tonight at!

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