I’ve Been Busy This Week

On top of apartment hunting, conducting burlesque performer interviews for Luna Luna (more on that soon!), working full time, and doing a freelance editing project… this week I did some other stuff you can check out online!

Image: Willi White1) I interviewed Angel White Eyes, an “photographer, an artist, and activist for the Lakota people” about the production studio she and her friend Willi White have just started, Indigene, and about their upcoming short film, “The People” for Luna Luna! You should absolutely read it, and go help fund “The People” at the IndieGoGo campaign page!

A snippet:

“We talked about how much the media comes into Pine Ridge and shares these sad stories and poverty porn about Pine Ridge, and how I wanted to do something that showed how beautiful Pine Ridge is. Instead of showing the hardships that people see, show them all the good things about Pine Ridge.”


2) And oh my gosh. I’m so nervous to put this out there, but hey, it’s a big deal: I was interviewed by the Bitch Media podcast, “Popcast,” for their “Hello, Feminist Porn!” episode, along with the incomparable Jiz Lee, artist Jess Fink, and gaming journalist Katherine Cross.

I discussed financing feminist pornography, and read a segment of my article in the upcoming Love/Lust edition of the magazine (due out in September).

Go! Listen! Enjoy!

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