STOYA — “I’ve been known to get naked and do dirty filthy things on video!”

WHACK! So, Stoya. Oh my god, I’m such a panting loser of a fan right now, but I’m  so excited to have gotten this interview with you! Thank you so much! … So first of all, in case anyone out there is really so busy avoiding  sunlight in their mother’s basement that they don’t know who you are, can you introduce yourself to their sorry asses?

STOYA Um.. Hi, I’m Stoya… I’ve been described as both a “force of  nature” and “charmingly batshit,” both of which I choose to take as  complimentary. I’ve been known to get naked and do dirty filthy things on video for Digital Playground. I have also been described as “incendiary” and “slightly feral” — adjectives which make me want to do a set of photographs as some kind of pyromaniacal woodland creature.

WHACK! You’ve been under contract with Digital Playground for about two years now, right? How are you liking being one of the coolest and cutest of the DP stars?

STOYA There are only four or five of us, and we’re each pretty cool in our own way. Don’t make me start schooling you on how rad and down to earth Jesse Jane is, or how Riley is inhumanly beautiful, or how intelligent and well educated Kayden is. It could take all day.

WHACK! You worked your way into doing boy/girl scenes only after starting out with softcore girl/girl scenes and a lot of thought when you signed with DP, but now you’ve gone over to the dick side, and finally filmed your first DP! Did it seem like a Double Penetration, “DP,” was fated to happen someday, given that you work for a company called Digital Playground, “DP”?

STOYA Actually, Digital Playground has more of a couples oriented focus and I had to explain why being Double Penetrated was so interesting to me and beg and plead and stamp my foot and kind of twist their arm into it. I really appreciate their aesthetic values and the quality of work  they produce, but I thought there was room for double penetration in high end hardcore erotica, and thankfully they agreed with me once they’d heard my argument.

WHACK! Do you giggle every time you say DP and mean Digital Playground? Cause I do. I think I may actually stuck in middle school.

STOYA Yes. Cue “Beavis and Butthead”laugh.

WHACK! Anyway, now to the crux of the matter! You just did your first ever Double Penetration scene in “Bad Girls 5.” As you’ve noticed, the masturbating community is VERY excited about this development! Have you gotten a lot of interviewers drooling on their mics while asking you about it?

STOYA I don’t know. Most of my interviews between large conventions are done via email or telephone. I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see any drool.

WHACK! You told readers on your Tumblr blog that you did a lot of research before filming to find the perfect pair of penises, and that you came up with Steve Holmes as the best “anchor.” Can you tell us, first, what that means, and second, why he’s the best for the job? Is it his size, shape, girth…?

STOYA I have no idea why people recommended him as the best anchor. I think he’s wonderful because he’s completely comfortable in a wide array of sexual situations, takes pride in the acts being enjoyable for the lady (or ladies) and is mature enough to be patient and show restraint while the other guy is getting worked in there. The big thing about double penetration with porno sized penises is that there’s a whole lot of hard cock in a very delicate area. It seemed very important to have performers who can take the time to warm everything up and get a rhythm going before heading into serious thrusting time. Actually, a male performer is probably a better person to ask about what makes for a good partner in a DP scene.

WHACK! And of course, James Deen made the cut for the top position. How did you decide he’d be the best cock for the cooch?

STOYA Usually in double penetration the cocks do trade around, so it’s not so much that he was the best for the cooch specifically. He exhibits many of the same positive characteristics as Steve, and I knew from experience that we work very well together.

WHACK! According to your blog, you tried this combination for the first in a hotel room during AEE last year, and frankly, that makes me sad because I was there and I didn’t even know that this piece of porn history was going on a few stories above me in the Venetian! Damn. Next time you set a sexual landmark, will you PLEASE tell me about it first?

STOYA That was actually a couple of years ago at AEE, so you may not have been a few stories below. Also, part of the beauty of the whole thing was the way that it all lined up spontaneously once I’d set my mind to doing it, so I didn’t exactly have time to send out a press release. Plus if I invite one person, other people want to know why they didn’t get to come… it gets very messy. That’s why it’s been put on a DVD (called “Bad Girls 5”) for recreational viewing by any interested parties.

WHACK! Anyway, so how was the scene? Did you, indeed, choose the right two men?

STOYA I think I chose the right men. I’m quite happy with the way the scene turned out and I had a lot of fun doing it.

WHACK! I’d heard from another adult performer once that DPs can be painful and unpleasant. Did you find that to be true, or do you think it depends on who’s involved and if they know what they’re doing?

STOYA I think that depends a lot on the personal taste. I’m sure the girl you’re referring to is very into some acts that I don’t enjoy. Just because I have a vagina doesn’t mean I can speak for everyone with one.

WHACK! Should we all rush out and buy “Bad Girls 5” right now? Or can we look forward to far more Stoya being double stuffed in the future?

STOYA I abhor redundancy and am very selective about the projects I take on, so until there’s another epic team of guys that I feel a burning desire to be DPd by and have a good reason for having it taped, I’m not making any promises.

WHACK! So I heard that you don’t watch TV. What’s your reasoning for avoiding the box?

STOYA It wasn’t a part of my childhood. I was very much encouraged to read a book or go outside and get my blood moving or work on something creative. With so many things to do and so many interesting books still unread, it rarely seems worth my time to sit down and watch something. Occasionally I’ll put on Doctor Who or a film on my computer as background noise while I hand stitch things or stretch, but television just isn’t a priority for me.

WHACK! But you don’t avoid ALL boxes! I saw you on a panel with Lux Alptraum, Justine Joli, and Bella Vendetta at Exxxotica in New Jersey where you mentioned that one advantage of having sex with women off camera is that nobody tells you not to fuck up your makeup with pussy juice — has this ever actually happened to you?

STOYA A few times. The crew and director at a feature company seem like they’re trying to make a short film with a story that has lots of hardcore sex in it, so it makes sense that they want me to keep whatever styling they’ve done through the whole scene and it does slow down the production when they have to stop the scene to touch up my face and wipe eyeliner off of a girl’s buttcheeks.

WHACK! You’re pretty heavily into the ladies — any performers out there with pussies you haven’t worked with yet that you’d like to?

STOYA Mandy Morbid. She’s amazing and fantastically interesting and has the most perfect breasts I’ve ever seen and these huge eyes. Justine Joli has this adorable bottom lip that I really want to chew on in the most gentle way possible, and a gorgeous set of nipples, which you would know about if you stared at her pictures as much as I do. Kimberly Kane is such a confident sexy woman and we’ve playfully discussed working together so many times over the past few years that I think I might actually explode one of these days if it doesn’t happen some time soon. Sophia Santi, who was a Digital Playground contract girl for a long time… technically I did work with her in the girl orgy in “Cheerleaders’” but I really want her all to myself. Kayden Kross. Like Sophia and “Cheerleaders” we were in an orgy scene in Digital Playground’s big feature this year which is working-titled “Top Guns” but again, it isn’t the same when there’s so much sexual chaos going on. Who am I kidding… this isn’t a list of girls I want to work with, this is a list of women I really want to have sex with and don’t particularly mind if a camera happens to be there.

WHACK! Any performers with pricks in the same category?

STOYA Keni Styles. Rocco Siffredi, although I’m not entirely sure I’d be able to handle him, it’d still be reeeeeally fun to try.

WHACK! In an interview a while back you said you wanted fans to jerk off onto DVD covers and send you the pictures. Has that happened for you yet? We could try to start a Stoya-Stain Campaign at WHACK!

STOYA HAHAHA. Funny story about that. Digital Playground set up this email address and never gave me the login for it, but I knew the former publicist for DP went in there to check for job offers and stuff so I asked people to send splooge pictures to that email address. Like most things, the request got taken out of context and the whole “send it to this particular email” bit got lost, but hey, I had a private giggle every time the PR woman would talk about all the dick pictures she had to wade through. She’s gone now though, and Guyleen seems like a sweetie so far, so I don’t think there’s any need to continue filling an inbox she might need to check with photos of cock juice.

WHACK! So you’re arty — who are your favorite artists right now, in the visual and performance fields?

STOYA Visually, Vivienne Westwood, James Bidgood, Ellen Von Unwerth, Colin Christian are my favorites and have been for years. As far as performance artists, I’ve recently discovered Irena Purschke who does absolutely beautiful Corde Lisse work. Melissa Bang Bang from the Peek-a-boo revue in Philadelphia still enchants me and has since the first time I saw her go-go dancing at a seedy South Philly electro night.

WHACK! What kind of art do you make, aside from porn that is?

STOYA I don’t know that I’d presume to call myself an artist. I make a lot of my clothing, I’m working with a lot of silk and lace right now. It’s very delicate, but after corsetry it’s a nice change to work with materials that are airy and have a mind of their own. I’d like to find a good place to learn leatherwork next. I’m studying long form improvisation, which started as a way to try and become more
comfortable in face to face interviews but turned out to be so much fun that I wanted to keep doing it for its own sake. There’s also the aerial acrobatics stuff… I mostly do silks, I’ve been branching out into static trapeze and lyra when I have the opportunity. There’ve been a lot of requests for me to start feature dancing lately and I’m in the process of turning what I’ve learned with aerial into a show, but I’m trying to really take my time and do the whole thing right.

WHACK! Any other big news we can share with the world about your work? You’re up for yet another AVN, right?

STOYA Yeah, I’m nominated for Best Actress. I think the people at AVN wanted to nominate me for something because they know I live for reasons to wear ridiculous dresses, and will happily lose to Kimberly Kane or Kayden Kross or whoever.

Sinterview conducted by WHACK! staph degenerate, Miss Lagsalot