June Is Almost Over! Quick! Here Are Some Links!

june lynsey g blog links pride waves June 2020 is coming to an end, and with it the least social Pride Month I’ve had in years. It’s a bummer. But I can be just as queer in the safety of my own home as I can at a pride parade…or a dance party…or… Okay, maybe that’s not true. But, hey. This Pride Month has been dubbed Wrath Month by many in my circles. That’s queer wrath over the continued existence of systemic racism in this country. Pride started as a riot led by a trans black woman (Marsha P. Johnson—learn about her in this amazing new Netflix documentary about her life…and death) who had had enough of police brutality, after all. And it became a protest movement. So, really, the massive protests that have been going on all month are really par for the course.

I’ve been unable to march due to a bad flare-up of chronic illness and a foot injury. And because, I’m at high risk for Covid due to my autoimmune condition. But I’ve been doing what I can from home—raising funds with art of my character, Tracy Queen and donating via my personal funds and Oneshi Press. The #BlackLivesMatter movement isn’t just a moment, though. Even as much of the news and social media returns to pre-George Floyd “normalcy,” the way “normal” looks to Black folks in this country is still unacceptable. The momentum that June started with needs to continue until we have something closer to justice for BIPOC folks in America. So, in that spirit…here are some links!

Black Lives Matter in Adult Entertainment

  • The adult entertainment industry is finally starting to face its racism problem. After years of ignoring the glaring inequities between performers of color and their white counterparts, and the roiling prejudice that underlines them, pornographers are starting to make changes. Performers are speaking out, and agents and production companies are—at last—listening. Here’s a piece I wrote at YNOT that covers some of the biggest moves being made—and more are surely (well, at least I hope surely) on the way.
  • Read the BIPOC Adult Industry Collective’s media statement demanding real change in the porn industry. Demands include: an elimination of wage disparity based solely on race; an increase of BIPOC below-the-line staff in all aspects of production; and an effort to change the language surrounding marginalized people. Read the whole list here, and visit the BIPOC-AIC’s website here to get involved.

Other News from June (Mostly About Sex Stuff)

  • Well, the big story of the moment is that Ron Jeremy, notorious retired porn star and even more notorious serial sex criminal, is in jail. With bail set at $6.6. He’s accused of sexually assaulting four women, and has been formally charged and arraigned. It’s been a long time coming, but his comeuppance looks like it’s finally happening. I wrote about it over at YNOT (CW: Sexual assault), and the story will continue to develop. On Friday, he pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was ordered to reappear for his trial.
  • And, speaking of sexual assault—sigh—the p*rn industry is currently experiencing paroxysms of upset as a new wave of performers have come forward, alleging sexual assault and abuse within the industry. Some think that the pandemic is indirectly responsible—with performers not actively shooting the studios that usually pay them, they’re less fearful about repercussions of stating their truth. And what truths they are. I wrote about it for YNOT (CW: Sexual assault).
  • The New York Times has realized that the adult entertainment industry might just know how to implement widespread coronavirus testing. (They’re a bit late to the game—I wrote about this last month.) Both the PASS system monitoring STIs in the industry and the FSC’s new Covid testing guidelines are practically field guides the rest of the country can use to create their own systems. “We can actually learn a lot about safety guidelines by listening to producers of porn,” Perry N. Halkitis, dean of the School of Public Health at Rutgers University, told the Times. “Thinking back to the H.I.V./AIDS crisis, the adult film industry had to learn how to keep their workers safe.” Read more over here.

Chemistry Eases the Pain

  • Support “Chemistry Eases the Pain”—a new feature film directed by and starring women of color! The erotic film from Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White Productions & starring Lotus Lain by attending the virtual premiere tomorrow night! The premiere starts at 7:00 p.m. Pacific on June 27, and will include a viewing of the film along with a Q&A with Lotus Lain, Logan Pierce, and Shine Louise Houston. It’s all happening at PinkLabel.tv. About the film: “The ‘straight-curious’ film delves into bisexual representation from the perspective of a staunchly lesbian-identified young woman of color. Porn powerhouse Lotus Lain positively shines as Frankie, alongside the talents of costars Logan Pierce as Matt and Mona Wales as Sarah. A star-studded supporting cast includes Valentine, Emperatrix, Nicki Honey, Jack Strano, James Darling and industry icon Nina Hartley in Shine’s most personal film to date.”
  • Learn more about “Chemistry Eases the Pain” (premiering June 27!) and the powerhouse woman of color who created it, along with one of the world’s most successful queer, indie p0rn companies! It’s all in a new episode of Tina Horn’s amazing podcast, “Why Are People Into That?!” Shine Louise Houston talks about the beginnings of her 15-year queer erotic vignette phenomenon, CrashPadSeries, as well as BLM and much more.
  • Speaking of “Why Are People Into That?!”—which is some of the best and most brilliant media out there, full stop—the podcast was recently profiled on Vice! “Almost all the 150-plus episodes follow the same basic formula: After announcing her theme, Horn gets comfy with her guest, they establish a flirty rapport, and they try to answer the show’s titular question.” Read it, in all its gushing grandeur, over here.

I’ve Got a Lot Going On in June…

  • I appeared on two podcasts over the past few weeks, talking about pr0nz and sex parties!
    • First I was on the Tickle.Life podcast, where I talked with Gaia Morrissette about the first time I participated at a swinger party…and how it changed my life forever. That’s because I realized, as I watched my then-partner hooking up with my friend, that I was truly queer. Listen to all the juicy details over here!
    • Next, I went to Gaia Morrissette’s other podcast—My Orgasmic Life. We talked about p0rn. This time, we got down and dirty, discussing our own smut preferences, digging into the strengths and drawbacks of different forms of p0rn. And, of course, our earliest memories of adult content. It was a great conversation! You can listen to it in podcast form or watch the live video recording on YouTube!

…and in July

  • I’m launching a Kickstarter next week for two books I edited! Between them, they represent the work of more than thirty indie creators. And—bonus!—they’re both fantastic. Follow the Kickstarter page now to help build up the numbers and get these projects noticed. And—double bonus!—if you follow now, you’ll be notified when the campaign goes live. That will give you access to our 1st-day-only rewards tier, which packs over $70 worth of goodies into a $35 pledge! Not too shabby. Follow now!
  • I’m still hawking art for the cause! Every cent of profit made on these gorgeous art prints of my character, Tracy Queen, at a #BlackLivesMatter protest will go to supporting racial justice. From now until forever. The art was created by Jayel Draco, and for as long as it’s around, it will benefit the #BlackLivesMatter cause. Get yours now!

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