Positivity Parade: Two Podcasts, a Video, and More!

I’ve been making the rounds of the internet yet again, folks. This time is a veritable parade of positivity, and you can get in on it.

Positivity in Podcasts Galore!

  • Back in May, I was on the Tickle.Life podcast talking with host Gaia Morrissette about swinging! More specifically, my first personal experience with it, and how it changed my life forever. With sex positivity as our guiding principle, it’s a great conversation full of laughter and shocking revelations! Listen to it here or on your favorite podcast platform!
  • And more recently, I went on My Orgasmic Life, Gaia Morrissette’s other podcast, where we talked about our personal experiences, tastes, and thoughts on p0rn! Again coming from a place of pure positivity about sexuality and pr0nz, we had a blast talking about our most personal porny pastimes. You can listen to it as a podcast on Gaia’s website OR watch the live-recorded video on YouTube.

And Lots More!

  • I’m also heading up a gigantic Kickstarter campaign that starts on July 1! Via my company, Oneshi Press, I’ll be raising funds for two comics collections. One is a hilarious art-thology collecting different artists’ interpretations of one goblin’s struggle to find a cure for zombieism in Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, Act 1. The other is a collection of over two dozen indie creators’ work in The Origins Anthology. I’ve got two comics in the anthology (one of them the sex-positive Tracy Queen), and I edited the whole darn thing and Mr. Guy. So I’m pretty psyched! The campaign launches on July 1—and if you follow it now, you’ll be the first to know the moment it launches, so you can get in on 1st-day-only rewards! Plus, more followers pre-launch helps us impress Kickstarter, which can improve the project’s visibility once it’s gone live. So, hey. FOLLOW IT.
  • We’re throwing a live-streamed launch party on Twitch on July 1 to celebrate, along with many of the creators who made these projects happen! Join us live at 4:00 pm MDT (6:00 Eastern/3:00 Pacific) to help us launch this campaign in style! You can RSVP here if you’d like to get reminders, or just drop by the stream anytime that night to say hi!
  • And I’m still celebrating the launch of Volume 2 of my sex-positive graphic novel, Tracy Queen! It’s available now from the Oneshi Press Store, Spinwhiz Comics, and Drive-Thru Comics. Grab it now, and write a review on Goodreads or the Oneshi Press Store for extra credit!
  • And speaking of Tracy Queen, don’t forget that I’m still fund-raising in support of #BlackLivesMatter with these gorgeous art prints of Tracy at a protest! All proceeds will go to supporting protesters and furthering the cause of justice for Black lives—forever.

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