KINK 101 WITH MS. NINA PAYNE AND THE DOMI DOLLZ— “Laughter was as frequently heard as the slapping sound of a good spanking.”

WHACK! staphers Jack Hoff and Miss Lagsalot were lucky enough to nab a pair of press passes to September 25’s “Kink 101” workshop hosted by Miss Nina Payne of Domi Dollz at Coco de Mer, and it’s safe to say both WHACK!ers are feeling a whole lot more kinky than ever before!

The event, held in the stunning aesthetics of Coco de Mer, New York’s sexiest sex and kink shop on the Lower East Side, was a workshop on the basics of incorporating kink, domination, bondage, and role-playing into the average bedroom, with all proceeds from ticket sales going to Safe Horizon, a social justice community aimed at helping survivors of domestic violence, crime, and abuse. The salon was entirely sold-out and in fact over-booked, with beginners in the world of BDSM flocking into the sexy setting for a glimpse at some of the toys, apparel, and of course, the lovely Domi Dollz themselves, who mingled with the newbies in full Mistress gear.

Everyone in attendance was provided with a name tag and alternate identity for the evening, giving the whole event an air of mystery. Who were these sexy people? Why were they all there?

“Violet Vianne” and “Guinevere the Severe,” both hailing from Sydney, Australia, were attending Kink 101 to learn how to incorporate kink play into their erotic massage business in Sydney, Bliss, and to enjoy watching their friend, Misstress Nina Payne, at work. They said they hoped to learn more about kink, but suspected that it would incorporate many of the same things as erotic massage: “It’s all about the tease!”

“Vixen la Vex,” a stunning young female attendee, said she was there because she’d “always fantasized about bringing out her inner domme,” but as a natural submissive, she needed some help from Mistress Nina. “Precious Pauly” and his friend “Loving Larry,” who was in visiting from San Francisco, where he says “dildoes grow on trees,” were excited to see Mistress Nina in action because Precious Pauly had once shared an apartment with the famous dominatrix but had never seen her work! “You know,” he told WHACK!, “she was the best roommate ever. She had her shit together and she always paid her rent on time.”

Mistress Rita, who is newly affiliated with the Domi Dollz but who has been working as a professional dominatrix and burlesque dancer for three years, was excited to help the attendees learn more about kink. “You probably know more than you think about it already,” she said. “If you have the interest, it’s already in there. I think there’s a lot of interlinking between the burlesque and kink community.”

When the workshop itself got started, after the crowd had perused the beautiful Coco de Mer merchandise and had a few glasses of wine served up by a slave in a “yes Mistress” Domi Dollz shirt, took place in a red-lit room behind a velvet curtain. With a portrait of two beautiful nude women presiding over the scene, Mistress Nina held the room’s rapt attention as she explained the different types of kink, from Domination and Submission to Sadism and Masochism to Fetishes to “switches,” or “whores,” as Ms. Payne likes to call them. “They like everything.”

Demonstrating on two “pets” who served as slaves and submissives, as well as some fantastic eye candy for the audience, Mistress Nina took the rapt audience through the basic how-to’s of spanking (cup the hand slightly, and focus on the “sweet spot”), flogging (placing your hand above the sweet spot can help you keep the whip where you want it), slapping (use your fingertips and don’t start up too hard!), using gags (her male pet was a bit talkative for Mistress’s taste), safe words (Mistress prefers a stop-light model: green for go, yellow for slow down, and red for stop), bondage (Western and Eastern), sensory play (fingernails and feather ticklers work; so does candle wax), and role playing. The crowd, all under assumed names and held captivated by Mistress Nina Payne’s expert and engaging teaching style, was relaxed throughout, and laughter was as frequently heard as the slapping sound of a good spanking.

By the time the workshop was over, Miss Lagsalot herself had been called to the stage to practice roleplaying domination with a “student,” and it’s a safe assumption everyone at Coco de Mer had some new and very urgent ideas about what to do when they got home!

Domi Dollz events are a regular feature of the NYC scene, and more will be coming soon! WHACK! encourages EVERYONE in New York to attend any event these sexy, beautiful, and powerful ladies throw! We know you’re all kinky fuckers anyway, why not learn how to do it right?

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