Last Chance to Help Me Print My First Comic Book!

pack panel in window lynsey g
Illustration by Jayel Draco.

As of the time this is publishing, there are 26 hours left for you to help me get my first-ever standalone comic book printed! It’s your last chance to get in on a signed copy of a comic book I wrote, along with stickers, signed art, and more! Head to the Kickstarter now!

About PACK

pack on the street curb your dog lynsey g
Illustration by Jayel Draco.

So what’s the project, you ask? It’s PACK, a comic book series that I co-created with my partner in life and art and business, Jayel Draco. Now we’re publishing it through our company, Oneshi Press!

Animals often suffer the consequences of humanity’s bad behavior. Jayel and I wondered: What would happen if animals decided to stop taking our shit? The answer was PACK, a series about six stray dogs—and one stray man—who put crime under the fang on the streets of Brooklyn. In a city where gentrification is king and corruption runs deep, these rescue-dogs-turned-vigilantes dole out brutal justice to criminals. Especially those who prey on animals. Along with their human compatriot, Patience, the PACK walk the fuzzy line between heroes and villains with their violent tactics. They draw the attention of the press, the politicians, and the police, and soon a

rookie cop will have to decide where to place his allegiance.

Each member of the PACK was left out on the street somehow, and was rescued by the PACK. Every issue of this comic book series will tell the story of one member, along with the ongoing story of their struggle to survive in a changing city.

About the Kickstarter

police officer vigilante coffee dogs lynsey g
Illustration by Jayel Draco.

Jayel and I, as independent publishing company Oneshi Press, want to print 1,000 copies of the first issue of the series. PACK #01: Humility will tell the story of the PACK’s newest, smallest, and least-humble member. Humility is a mutt so full of himself he rides on the back of a Mastiff just to get a better view.

Our Kickstarter to fund printing ends TOMORROW—June 16—at noon! If we meet our stretch goals, we’ll turn the standard 24-page issue into a 32-page king-size book. We’ll add concept art, chapter covers, and more! Help us hit those goals before it’s too late, and get yourself some sweet, sweet shwag while you’re at it! This is your last chance!

(PS – Bonus! If you check the updates at the Kickstarter page, you’ll find several diverting gifs of me and Jayel doing embarrassing dances of joy. There’s even a YouTube video of us dancing. And there just miiiight be more in store if we hit our stretch goals!)

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