Less Serious Links and Videos for Your Nude Weekend Coffee Sipping. Or Whatever.

Well this week’s return to the world has been pretty tough on me, so here are some less serious, awesome, bizarre, ultra-bizarre, and heh-worthy links and videos for you to enjoy and feel less-serious about as you sip coffee in the nude on your fire escape this weekend.

I mean. That’s what you do on weekends, right? It’s what I do on weekends…


1) Awesome: So the documentary about Kink.com that James Franco produced (called Kink)? Looks freaking amazing. I’m not a big fan of The Franco, mostly because I’m sick of him making me look bad for not doing All The Things All The Time, but I can get behind this. Mega behind it. With a whip.

2) Bizarre: This happened a while ago, but I just heard about it: a Japanese artist who has allegedly been selling detailed plans for making 3D-printed renditions of her vulva to her fans was arrested on obscenity charges. That’s patently ridiculous: if somebody wants to print a coffee cup lid that looks like her pussy lips, or a lampshade in the shape of her hoo-hah, then more power to that somebody, and to Rokudenashi-ko for having the labia (female genitalia version of cajones) to sell the info! Luckily, when I went to the Change.org petition for her release, it appeared to  have gotten all the needed signatures… I think. It was all in Japanese. But there was a checkmark and a green bar. To me those indicate success. I hope I’m right.

3) Ultra-bizarre: Artist Tara Jacoby made waves this week with her illustrations of Disney princes in the buff. Like. Really, really, really buff. (COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY NSFW LINK HERE.) And I. Uh. I can’t figure out how I feel about this. Cause like, on the one hand, I mean, hilarious, right? It’s so much fun to rip aside the Disney facade and turn characters from squeaky-clean-yet-socially-problematic films into dirty jokes. And I mean, c’mon, cartoon dick pics! Brillz!
But by the same token… Ok, #1, there’s a little bit of race stereotyping going on in here, mmkay? The fact that Prince Naveen’s dong is so big it hangs off the picture is a little “oh come on,” and really, did Li Shang need to be small?
And then of course there’s the issue of basically reducing people (ok yes I know they’re cartoon characters, not real people, but stay with me) to their sex organs. Like, if somebody had done that to Disney princesses, you’d better believe Jezebel (where the dick pics are posted) would be up in arms over that shiz. People with penises are basically taught from birth that their dick is their most important physical trait and to obsess over its size and girth and shape… this doesn’t help. But then again,  it does show  wide variety of shapes and sizes and girths and cut/uncut-ness…
I just… I just don’t know what to think, people. But I did want to share.

4) Heh-worthy: This video from Buzzfeed details 4 Good Reasons Everybody Should Watch Porn (although after watching it I’m pretty sure they mean “Every Man” should watch porn, and their reasoning is a little not-rock-solid on some of these, but hey, I said “heh-worthy,” not “mind-blowing”) will make you go, “Heh.” And scratch your head about the visuals they chose to go along with these 4 Good Reasons. But. You know. Buzzfeed.


Happy naked coffee sipping, y’all!

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