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If you’re in the US, you’re probably tucked in for a long weekend of leftovers, maybe shopping for the holidays, and lounging. I hope you are safe, healthy, and with your household only. Because in the U.S., it is really not safe to be anywhere else this November. Sigh. But, hey, since you’re already doing the safe thing, why not pair your leftovers with some links?

From the World Wide Web (we live in the future)

Lots of brilliance happened in and around the sex-positive internet this November! Here are my favorite reads.

Adult Entertainment News & More

  • The Daily Dot made a round-up of great retro porn & where to find it, and included my favorite company, Pink & White! Read the list & get inspired here.
    • And since we’re talking about Pink & White, let’s talk in depth about how Shine Louise Houston and her coterie of dedicated queers changed the game for queer p()rn, care of MEL Magazine!
      “By acting on her desire to see queer, trans and gender-nonconforming performers of color in porn, Houston tapped into a hugely underserved audience looking to see their own sex lives and fantasies reflected back to them.
      Read the rest at MEL!
  • Perv extraordinaire Lance Hart wrote for Xbiz about aging from being an adult performer into being the head honcho of his own adult studios, and how he makes it all work in the new pandemic economy.
    “I actually make a lot more money now paying other people to fuck than I did when I was in the scenes myself. I’m pretty sure I can keep directing and producing for another 20 years if I have to.
    Read the rest at Xbiz!

BDSM Takes Over the World! Apparently.

  • Fabulous sex researcher & smartypants Justin Lehmiller wrote about the reasons why folks tend to get into BDSM. A takeaway:
    First, a very diverse set of factors appears to draw people to this sexual interest. “For some, it seems to be more of a lifelong orientation, whereas for others, it emerges much later in life in response to some experience.”
    Read more about the Psychological Origins of BDSM here.
    • And LOL apparently BDSM is taking over the world, according to a militantly vanilla individual who wrote in to Men’s Health about the problem. Don’t worry, columnist Zachary Zane informed the letter writer:
      “Contrary to your beliefs, BDSM isn’t taking over the world or forcing you into submission. (Do you like kink puns, or is that also a hard limit?)
      Read more at Men’s Health!
    • But, since it’s taking over, here are 9 tips on how to explore BDSM, from Isabella Frappier at Sex with Emily. A nibble:
      “There are so many delicious elements to a D/s dynamic. It can offer both physical pleasure and increased connection, and even encourage variety and excitement in long term relationships.
      Read on right here!

Hard Truths

  • Pleasure-positive feminist pioneer Betty Dodson has passed away this November, and I’m gratified to tell you that the whole world mourned. Not just the adult world. Obituaries appeared in:
  • Sovereign Syre, who is a very smart individual, BTW, wrote about the ways in which the QAnon conspiracy is masking sex panic and doing actual harm to SWs for Huck:
    “The real problem with the sex trafficking panic is that it doesn’t address sex trafficking, but obscures it. It redirects resources that could go toward social welfare programs and political actions that produce material changes in the circumstances of those engaging in sex work or making them ‘at risk’ to sex trafficking, all while actively hurting the women and children it claims to champion.”
    Read the rest over here!
  • Lily Loofbourow writes about the female price of male pleasure for The Week, bringing up a lot of very deeply engrained attitudes around female comfort and pleasure. Here’s a taste:
    “Women are enculturated to be uncomfortable most of the time. And to ignore their discomfort.At every turn, women are taught that how someone reacts to them does more to establish their goodness and worth than anything they themselves might feel.
    This is a really interesting read, and one I encourage you to finish at The Week.

Lynsey G’s November Content

I was busy with quite a lot of things month, but I did manage to write a few articles for YNOT and to record a really fantastic conversation about disordered p*rn use!

Holiday Shopping, You Say?

Late November is the time of year when we all collectively stress about buying people stuff. I’m tossing my hat into the ring as a creative person who sells my wares on the internet! You or someone you know might be interested in any of the below reading material from yours truly:

  • Signed, inscribed hardcover copies of my informative book about adult entertainment cleverly disguised as a memoir, Watching P0rn, are on sale! When you order yours, just write in what you’d like me to scribble inside, and I’ll ship it off to wherever you like! Order here.
  • Oh, hey, my publishing company, Oneshi Press, has a Patreon! We send our subscribers weekly work-in-progress downloads, exclusive and early content, and every single thing we publish! If you’re buying for someone who loves indie creators and publishing that gives a shit, you know what to do.
  • I’m also behind the Zombie Adoption Program, an interactive storytelling subscription that puts big-hearted folks who adopt the recently un-deceased in the driver’s seat of their zombie’s best after-life! Subscriptions are as little as $3 a month, and we are having a blast! Learn more about it here.
  • The 10th anthology of short indie comics that I curate, edit, and contribute to is now on preorder! Reserve your copy of the Origins Anthology right here!
  • PS: There are nine more anthologies, all of each have at least one short comic from me inside. Peruse here!
  • I also edited Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter, an art-thology of hilarious zombie-hunting antics! It’s available for preorder, too! Get it over here.
  • The first two volumes of my sex-positive graphic novel about an intrepid woman who discovers her true identity by way of sex work, cyborg creation, and befriending a raccoon are available in paperback and digital! Tracy Queen is a weird story that looks gorgeous on the page…and I wrote it! Grab issue one and/or two here.
  • I also wrote the first two issues of PACK, a comic book noir about vigilante dogs in a gentrifying neighborhood. There’s more on the way, but you can pick up the first issues here.
  • If you’re looking for something light, gross, and weird, the digital version of my short comic, “Guts,” is over here.
  • And for those with less interest in gross and creepy stuff, “Trinkets” is a short comic about bullies, friendship, and magic set in the Children of Gaia sf/f universe. It lives here.

It’s not just November! I’m always working on new stuff, like links round-ups, writing and editing how-to articles and videos, interviews, and more! Get it all monthly when you join my mailing list—plus a sample chapter from Tracy Queen!

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