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Stay In & Warm Up with Watching P*rn

Sale’s over! Come back another time!

It’s been a hell of a year. And as it draws to a close, most of us are right back in the thick of pandemic living. It is a huge bummer to be isolated at this time of year, with the holidays looming, isolation omnipresent, daylight getting scarce, and…well…everything. So I said to myself, “Lynsey G, what can we do to make folks’ holiday season a little bit brighter?” And then I responded to myself (look, talking to oneself is perfectly normal, or so my therapist says), “We could do a holiday sale on hardcover copies of your memoir.”

So that’s what I’m doing! Now through the end of this month, I’m putting my private stockpile of hardcover, first-edition prints of Watching P()rn on holiday sale! I’ve knocked a few bucks off of shipping, too. They’re really gorgeous books, so they make great holiday presents for you or someone you know! And I’ve knocked a few bucks off of shipping, too.

I’m happy to sign and/or inscribe your book however you like. Heck, I’ll even leave a lipstick mark in there if you’re interested in that kind of thing! Just write any requests in the “notes” section of the checkout process. (I use PayPal for payments. If you’re not a PayPal user and would like to use another processor, just send me a message at misslagsalot [at] gmail [dot] com, and we’ll work it out.]

About the Book

If you’re interested in learning about me, my memoir is a great place to do it! And if you’re interested in learning about the adult entertainment industry… That’s what the book is all about! (Especially from around 2007 up till about 2016, when the book was published.) There’s lots in there about yours truly, but lots more about smut. I like to call it “an informative book about the p//rn industry, cleverly disguised as a memoir”!

To be perfectly honest, I think it’s a fun and enlightening read. And so did critics and reviewers! The New York Times Book Review called Watching P*rn “marvelous.” And Kirkus Reviews hailed it as “an intelligent, provocative, and indulgent insider’s view”! Foreword Reviews said it was “laden with humor, incisive insights, and titillating, winking bawdiness.” Plus, it got rave reviews from industry insiders like Jiz Lee, who called it “easily the most charmingly informative book on the p0rn industry.” And May Ling Su, who enjoyed this “a feminist’s trip down the rabbit hole.” Ms. Naughty thought it was “a deeply personal and highly readable perspective.” And it even won an award from Independent Publisher for best sex/relationship book in 2018!

You can click here to read more reviews and learn about Watching P*rn. And while you’re there, you can grab a copy during my holiday sale! (Or just order one from the embedded order form above.)

Also on the Watching P0rn page over here, you can find the many other ways you can get the book in print, digital, or audiobook formats. (Side note: I narrated the audiobook! I’m super proud of that fact!) (Other side note: Support indie bookstores if you can!)

The cover of "Watching P//rn," an informative book about the adult entertainment industry cleverly disguised as a memoir, by Lynsey G

I hope your holiday/solstice season is off to a bright and beautiful start. And I hope this little holiday sale can help it feel even better. Stay safe, stay warm, and stay healthy, folks.

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