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It’s October! Or, as I like to call it, Linktober. The spookiest time of year has arrived! Scorpio season is upon us! Mercury is in retrograde! The pandemic isn’t going anywhere! And the election is breathing down our necks! Here in Montana, it is snowing. Things are generally pretty wild. And you know what that means? Time to chill the hell out with a goddamn cuppa tea. From the end of the G-spot to strippers taking control to zombie adoption and beyond, let’s check out some mufukkin’ links.

Linktober Gets Smexy

The G-Spot Is No More:

So, uh, this is kind of a big deal. The prevailing science seems to have concluded that the oft-elusive “source of female pleasure in the vagina” is illusory. There’s simply not enough (or really any) scientific evidence backing up its existence for us to take it as seriously as we do. But that’s not all: freakin’ Cosmo has reported that the G-spot is finito…and they apologized for popularizing it! To wit:

“We’re done with the damn ‘spot’ and we’re sorry, again, that we ever brought it up. And actually: Unless sex researchers make a surprisingly major breakthrough, Cosmo won’t be publishing any more G-spot sex positions or ‘how to find it’ guides.”

Read the rest from Cosmo itself!

I love it when sex workers take back the power:

The pandemic has hit the adult entertainment industry hard, as we all know (I’m not even gonna provide the links here—just google it). Especially sex workers who provided live entertainment at strip clubs. But the Los Angeles Times reports that one group of LA-based strippers has taken their work back from Covid by moving their show online, where they call the shots:

“We’ve all heard the horror stories of pay cuts being really unfair, favoritism, having to do certain favors for them that made a lot of performers feel uncomfortable,” Coco Ono said. “All these things we no longer have to deal with, which is pretty great.”

Read the rest here!

I have mixed feelings about this ad for P0rnhub toys:

Would Linktober be complete without P*rnhub being… well… P0rnhub? This ad for their intimate toy line is by turns cute and gross and kind of horrifying. Aas such, I guess it’s extremely on-brand.

Eh. I just. Eh.

I’m loving this thorough and thoughtful guide to aftercare:

Aftercare. It’s a loaded word that can mean a lot of things to a lot of people, particlulary kinky folks. But Professor Sex says it should be part of all relationships, especially the sexual kind. And provides a thoughtful breakdown of what “aftercare” means, what it looks like, and how to do it well:

“Incorporating aftercare into your sex and romantic life can include rituals and protocols, or it can be a fluid thing that changes from situation to situation, partner to partner, scene to scene. However you do it, whatever you need, please have these conversations with your partners early and often.”

Read more over here!

Lynsey G’s Linktober Best

The Zombie Adoption Program

I’ve been telling stories of one kind or another my entire life, from reporting on other people’s experiences as a journalist to writing my memoir to penning a sex-positive graphic novel and beyond. But I’ve never worked on an interactive story before. And as of next week, that’s going to change.

Enter the Zombie Adoption Program, my latest brain baby and possibly the most exciting thing I’ve done in years. It launches on Linktober 30 with a live-streamed launch party that you can join in on—details here. And once it’s live, you can adopt your very own zombie and get monthly updates on their progress at the Sanctuary for the Living Impaired. And more than that—you can vote on how your un-dead pal un-lives their best after-life!

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A Serious Look at Splooge

Yep. You read that right. I took in the most fascinating article a few weeks ago about how adult entertainment made semen such a hot commodity. “ejaculation has driven pornography in America for years, for a variety of reasons, and it doesn’t seem to be going—or coming—anywhere soon.” I wrote all about it for YNOT. I think you’ll enjoy reading it here.

Seeking Short Comics Submissions

I wear a lot of hats, and these days most of them come from Oneshi Press, my indie publishing company. We’ve been printing short comics anthologies for three and a half years now, and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. I curate these anthologies, and right now I’m looking ahead to next fall’s collection: “Becoming.”

Here’s the call for submissions that describes exactly what I’m looking for and how and when to send it to me! And here’s our general submissions page in case you missed the links in the other article.

K.F. Kat Fish Reviews

Another hat I don at Oneshi Press is that of a comic book reviewer. But it’s not me doing the reviews. It’s the adorable and very sassy K.F. Kat Fish, a character dreamed up by Jayel Draco and now, sometimes, written by yours truly. He’s doing reviews of indie comics, and you might get a kick out of his hot take on Is’Nanna the Were-Spider. (There will be more soon—keep your eyes open for more K.F. Kat Fish!)

A Little Good News Goes a Long Way

You may or may not know that the state of Utah really has it in for smut. Since 2016, Utah has seen pornography as a “public health crisis,” and since then they’ve been trying to find ways to legislate adult content into the very darkest of shady corners. But the state’s legislature is apparently getting tired of it. Last week, a conressperson tried to bring a proposal to committee that would require all internet-enabled devices sold in Utah to bear smut-blocking software. But the proposal was met, and I quote, with a “buzz saw of dissent.” Here’s the whole story at YNOT.

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