Live-blogging SABRINA DEEP’S FAN BANG — “A solid two thumbs up the butt for sheer ingenuity.”


Loaded Digital

Directed by Beth Ann Rafael

Sabrina Deep and 40 fans, featuring Sasha Knox and Trinity Summers as the fluffers, and hosted by Ginger Lynn

We here at WHACK! thought we should start 2011 off with a bang: a gang bang, preferably, and since everyone we knew on New Year’s Day was too hungover to do the deed right, we decided to go for the next-best thing. The Sabrina Deep Fan Bang, to be specific. Let the live-blogging begin!

-To be honest, I’m a little nervous about this going into it. The cover reads, “Shocking! Disturbing! Graphic!” And on the back, “Sabrina Deep plus 40 of our most intimate friends in the wettest, nastiest gang bang in history!” The whole aesthetic is circus-themed. I’m. Well. I’m nervous. Ganbgangs, as the cover says, can be disturbing. Especially when you get amateurs involved; who knows what those fuckers are gonna do! But, you know, I’ve spoken to Sabrina in the past, and this girl just really fucking loves gangbangs. So even if I find what I’m about to see “disturbing,” I know she’s having a blast, and so are all these dudes. So, in the end, everybody wins, I guess. Hopefully I’ll be one of them.

-So far, this is pretty cool. They’ve got aerialists and circus trappings, a fire-breathing little person, and a sad clown. Pretty cool yet creepy, and very elaborate for a gangbang set. Much better-planned than your average porn palace living room fuckfest. Ok, 9.5 minutes in, we get started.

-Sabrina explains, “Good gangbang etiquette is to move over and let someone else have a shot.” You know, I can honestly say I’ve never considered the concept of gangbang etiquette before. But now that Sabrina has mentioned it, I can’t get it out of my head. How much, exactly, does politeness enter int the gangbang arena? Ostensibly, if it’s a lot, then that’s great for everyone, but I can see it not being that simple. Hm…

-Ginger Lynn introduces us. “I’m so excited, are you?” She feels her pussy. “I’m ready. It’s wet.” Two guys come in and she makes small talk with them while they get into position. They make polite gangbang small talk for a few minutes while she gets them going. There’s that etiquette thing again: what does one say to one’s gangbangers? What’s considered polite and appropriate conversation in this situation? She’s murmuring, but it seems to be dirty in general.

-I think these guys have all shaved their bodies. Good for them, way to be considerate! Oh, wait, no one of the guys being fluffed has a bush on him. She’s shaved completely and it’s making me realizes that I’ve gotten used to not-shaved pussies because I’ve been watching so much dyke porn. Welcome back to the world of mainstream smut, Lags!

-This is actually quite tastefully done for a gangbang so far. Edited well, lights are good, she’s loving it, and she’s spending a good amount of time with each of the guys. There’s no awkward queue forming for access, and the men all seem incredibly respectful of Sabrina’s space, actually to the point of inconvenience. They’re being very nice by waiting until she asks them to approach her, but as she’s being penetrated most the time, she’s not exactly free to go up to anyone and solicit them. Come on guys, be a little more aggressive! Get in there! That’s what you’re here for! Don’t get too aggressive, though, that’d ruin the whole patina of respect you’ve got going on.

-Two new guys approach. “What are you doing, pussy or ass?” “Pussy.” Done.

-And after six or so men we have our first anal penetration.  It doesn’t look easy. She’s getting into a groove with another cock in her mouth. And they’re going for the DP! She coaches the pussy-penetrator through it, but this is not so easy. As I mentioned in my interview with Stoya, I’ve heard that DPs can be remarkable difficult to execute in real life. The pussy-penetrator gives up. What a shame. But hey, these guys aren’t pros, and Sabrina can only do so much coaching with a cock in her butt, after all.

-Ooooh and a big fat hairy-backed old guy shows up.  Number one reason not get hugely fat if you’re a guy: the entire loss of your scrotum. Also, half of your penis seems to go back inside the body. I feel like there’s more of it hiding in the flab. Sabrina can’t even manage to get her mouth on him because it’s under the, um, overhang. This guy must be one HELL of a fan to have gotten into this lineup. And honestly, good for Sabrina for being loyal. But also honestly, there’s a good reason some people aren’t in porn.


-Ok, break time! The viewer is assured that Sabrina doesn’t need a break, but the guys do. Not sure how that works, since they’re just hanging out backstage, but again, there are layers and layers to my ignorance of how gangbangs work. This is nice, though. Ginger Lynn takes some time to interview the guys who’ve already gone and those who are still watiting. There’s a good cross-section of humanity here, from self-confident studs to super-fans. How endearing! And Ginger is SO excited about all of this! This is great. They’re so happy about it together. Overall, I like it that the DVD is interspersed action and interviews, giving you breaks to clean yourself up during and calm down for the next round.

-Spoiler! Raylene makes a cameo.

-And we’re back for round two. Sabrina has changed into a new pair of undies and bra, and here come some more guys to give her a good boning. They’re pretty attractive. I’m… um… taking a break… from typing. For no reason.

-So, yeah, that went well! Lots of cumshots, lots of sex, and all around, a good show. As far as my limited gangbang-reviewing experience and sadly lacking knowledge of gangbang manners will allow, I’m giving this one a solid two thumbs up the butt for sheer ingenuity. I mean, seriously, a fire-breathing dwarf on a gangbang set? Ginger Lynn waxing poetic about how beautiful Sabrina’s swollen pussy was at the end? Interviews with the fans who banged her? This is deep shit. Sabrina Deep shit. Gangbangs don’t get much better than this.

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