Sick but Sizzling Hot! Articles All Over the Place!

After last night’s can’t-sleep ramblings, which I posted at around 4:00 am, I am sicker than I was yesterday and my brain is quite muddled. But thought I may be running a fever and dizzy as can be, I’m still feeling super sexy and fiercely feminist: behold, on the same day that my first of a series of four articles on the female perspective in pornography appeared on Madison Young’s The Woman’s POV, a post about The Woman’s POV written by my absolute favorite feminist sex writer, Violet Blue, appeared on her blog. That’s right. I own your world.

It’s a beautiful Tuesday to be sick as a dog. I’ve got a fever and I’m on fi-yah! My brain may not be working, but it WAS working when I said yes to the indomitable Madison Young! As if anyone would say no.

Check out my POV article (I think you’ll like it: it’s about the notable absence of woman’s POV scenes in most porn and my quest to find some sex filmed from the female perspective) on

Ogle the awesome writeup ABOUT at Violet Blue’s Tiny Nibbles.

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