LIVE SEX SHOW — “Hundreds of concealed boners in the crowd! Zillions of orgasms!”


Trouble Films

Directed by Courtney Trouble

Run Time 1 hour

LIVE AND SEXY Jiz lee, Nina Hartley, April Flores, the Matador, Tina Horn, Roger Wood, Kimberlee Cline, Jolene Parton, Peter Devries, Courney Trouble

I cannot believe that this movie was only an hour long. There are six sweaty sex scenes here. Ten people getting off and getting each other off. In front of a live audience of 200 people at San Francisco’s Masturbate-a-Thon. Hundreds of concealed boners in the crowd (and one unconcealed one, too)! Zillions of orgasms! So much sweat and lube! So many breathless moments! I’m utterly exhausted from just watching it… and there’s a nice throb still pulsing down below. Maybe I didn’t just watch it. But that’s beside the point because the point is… all that was accomplished in just barely under sixty minutes.

Of course there was much editing of this live event — not every second of smutty action made it past the cutting room floor. The end result is a sleek, pared-down volume of the most scintillating moments of juicy, slippery, delectable moments from a long and drawn-out evening of lascivious live action that I’m sad to have missed. But the DVD of Live Sex Show is a succulent stand-in packed fuller of real pleasure than many compilations of cumshots that dwarf it in length.

Within the space of the time it normally takes me to shower and eat breakfast, I saw: Kimberlee Cline mash her muff into oblivion in a short but succulent solo scene that earned her a roar of approval from the crowd; Jolene Parton and Peter Devries show a level of intimacy that’s astonishing for a porno and brain-exploding when it’s a porno filmed in front of hundreds of paying audience members and even more astounding for its unflinching focus on Peter’s pleasure — a glimpse of vulnerable male sexuality is as rare a spectacle in porn as a unicorn sighting in downtown Detroit; April Flores and the Matador proceed from a lust-fueled performance of abundant proportions to a series of orgasms and soul-searching gazes that remind this seasoned pornographer just how powerful sexual connections can be; a straight-up queer kinkfest between Roger Wood and Tina Horn (who, by the way, has the same cowboy boots as me and also keeps hers on for the whole act — we’re soul mates!), complete with slapping, spanking, flogging, and an array of grunts and screams so varied and impressive I found myself wondering if, were I to live next door to a couple like that, I’d be constantly annoyed or turned on; Nina Hartley and Jiz Lee combine sex education with laughter, live demonstrations, sex toys, clear communication, and at least one screaming orgasm; and a five-on-one impromptu scene that redefines gangbangs to mean one person (director/organizer/queer porn pioneer Courtney Trouble) getting off while everyone else holds her down to facilitate it, rather than the other way around.

Honestly, you guys, I could go on for a while about the amazing things I saw in this movie—starting, perhaps, with the smile April Flores gives the Matador that gets him to rip off his mask and go down on her (I would have done the same thing if she looked at me like that) or the way her tights dug into the skin of her ass under the glaring stagelights, and ending maybe with the way I loved every orgasm in the movie getting a wildly enthusiastic ovation from the appreciative (and somehow still-clothed) crowd. But you know what I think I actually liked best? (Aside from watching Jiz Lee make industry veteran Nina Hartley scream—that can’t be easy and I applaud anyone who can do it so deftly. Plus, Jiz is incredibly hot. So really, all around, well done.) … (Oh, and that moment where Tina Horn and Roger Wood were ready to be done fucking but the crowd begged them to keep going.) … (And when Jiz reveals a shaved pussy just because Nina said she liked them, and the whole crowd goes “Aww!” like it’s a cute sitcom moment, and… ok, ok, I’ll stop.) The thing I like best is that the bodies in this movie are real. Some have extra padding, some are paler than your average porn star, some do things you may have never seen on screen before (like fisting) and some are gender benders, but all of them are real and randy as all hell. As a matter of fact, even though this was sex performed live for an audience, the product is so genuine that the only whiff of fakeness I got throughout was a fake cock strapped on a performer here and there, and I’m — obviously — not complaining about those. Neither will you. Don’t believe me? Watch the trailer.

—Miss Lagsalot

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