First Revelation of the New Year: I’m a Pervert

My beautiful friends, it is the 2nd of January, and I have returned to the interwebz refreshed, healthy, and several pounds heavier after the excesses of the holiday season. With a half dozen bottles of booze, some sundry beers, leftover cookies and truffles, and assorted other calorie-laden gifts still cluttering apartment, my waist expansion sees no clear end, and that makes me very happy.

But you know what else does? I took a month off from this blog, writing for WHACK! Magazine, and even… yes… even watching porn. I was doing interviews for my art show the whole while, and thus doing a lot of thinking and talking on the subject, but my actual exposure to naughty films was severely curtailed. I thought this would make for a nice thought experiment, to whit: what happens to a girl’s brain when her nearly constant exposure to x-rated material is cut off? It’s been so long since I’ve gone more than a week without interviewing a porn star for promotional purposes, watching at least one full-length blue film, writing a blog post about the adult industry, etc, that I had begun to wonder how much of what goes on in my filthy little cranium was actually a result of my own impulses and ponderings, and how much was the result of an unending intake of sexual imagery. I thought that this month off, taken for health and sanity reasons mostly, would serve as a way to see backward in time–a short journey back up the rabbit hole. Certainly not enough time to reach the surface of “not being in the porn industry,” but a peek back into the pre-porn times of my youth.

Well ladies and gents and gender-benders, I have news for you all. As I write this, I am settling down to review Courtney Trouble’s newest flick, Live Sex Show, starring some of my all-time adult favorites (Courtney herself, Nina Hartley, Jiz Lee, April Flores, Tina Horn…), and I cannot tell you how fucking excited I am! I’ve been wanting to pop this puppy into the DVD player ever since it arrived weeks ago, but I was trying to maintain my porn fast to preserve whatever effects the absence of smut might have on my psyche, so I persevered and didn’t even open the package until today. And seeing that manila envelope sitting there for weeks, with my name on it, knowing it was from San Francisco and contained all the joys of a surprise live-action gangbang full of queers… Well, it hasn’t been easy.

And that’s the thing, people. I’ve been watching porn professionally for years, and I’ve gotten very very very very very burned out on it more than once. I thought that maybe, by the end of this month–during which, might I add, I had plenty of real sex, so my little libido wasn’t suffering from lack of stimulation without sexy viewing material–I would be ready to turn a new leaf and be done with porn forever. Or at least be less than excited about watching the stack of DVDs that’s piled up during my absence. Or just generally be thinking in the same “meh” way that I did a month ago about the whole world of adult entertainment.

But not so. I am STOKED. I get to watch porn for work again, and, seriously, WHAT MORE FUN WORK COULD THERE POSSIBLY BE?! The truth, my dearest deranged mutant friends, is that I am a pervert. This month proved to me over and over again, in every conversation and every daydream, in the bored silences during car rides and lying awake at night in bed, even once when I was too hungover to move but found myself desperate to masturbate, that I am an incurable sex fiend. Even when the first week’s porn detox had been long gone and I had entered the mid-month doldrums, I found myself sneaking double-entendres into conversations and pointing out the ones nobody had giggled at. I went after sex with a new enthusiasm, since I didn’t have any to watch to keep me placated. I fantasized, I dreamed, and I thought–constantly–about sex.

And so, if any of you have been on a long pattern of withdrawal from my lunatic antics and fuck-frenzied fancies, never fear. I’m back, and I’m happier than ever to be here!

Review of Live Sex Show to come…. I think we all know it will be glowing, as will I.

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  1. Wilson Garrett says:

    >Glad to you have back. Your writing is indeed a mental orgasm. We should chat soon.


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