Jenelle Leigh Campion: Interview with an Artist/Healer/Witch

Jenelle Leigh Campion lynsey g
Jenelle Leigh Campion

Please please please, go read the interview I did with artist/healer/witch Jenelle Leigh Campion for Luna Luna Magazine!

Jackson Square Display by Jenelle Leigh Campion Lynsey G
Jackson Square Display by Jenelle Leigh Campion

Jenelle is a shamanic healer, artist in many media, podcaster, feminist, MFA holder, sacrocranial journey therapist, massage therapist, reiki master, ritualist, promoter of love, and all around badass who sells her art on the street in the French Quarter of New Orleans–in Jackson Square, specifically, if you happen to be passing by.

This interview goes very deep, and we had so much fun talking about tradition, ritual, spiritual maturity, sound as energy, art as offering, goddess ancestry and wisdom, and much more. A teensy nibble:

“My intention with this goddess painting project is to signal-boost a bunch of goddesses. I don’t want to explain or teach, but people will be able to look at these ladies who have the facts. This is my practice, as a super-sensitive person: I have very bodily experiences of energetic things and spiritual experiences. And painting is one way that I can translate that outward.”

Read the rest at Luna Luna Magazine, and check out Jenelle Leigh Campion’s work!

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