Luna Luna Magazine: 1 Year Old and Full of Itself (and my writing)

happy-birthday-luna-lunaIt is truly boggling my mind that Luna Luna Magazine turns one whole year old today! It seems like just a few weeks ago I penned my first article, “A Primer on Porn You Can Watch Without Feeling Like a Terrible Person Afterward,” for the benefit of our readers. But it’s true! Our indomitable editor, Lisa Marie Basile, asked a few of us to start a blog with her last July 15, and over the course of the Earth’s last revolution around the Sun, Luna Luna has transformed from 10 or so driven writers and a few readers to over a million hits to date, more than 50 regular writers and contributors, numerous articles that have gone viral, regular features and columns, and general badassitude on a scale nobody could have predicted.

These days, I’ve got an advice column and a monthly whatever-else-I-feel-like-writing column that I’ve dedicated to issues of porn, the New York subway system, feminism, and interviews with burlesque dancers. Just yesterday I published a ranty article about AB 1576, the California bill trying to force condoms onto the genitals of porn performers, and next week I’ll be posting another sex advice column! (Send me your questions here if you want them answered!)

I’ve found a home at Luna Luna, where my obsession with sex and darkness doesn’t make me the odd one out, but where I’m still allowed to geek out over sci fi and modern dance, too. Luna is a safe space for conversation, exploration, and community, and we welcome you. Come on in, the water is fine!

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