Pointless Pondering on a Sick Day: The Spit Thing

That's me, pondering important issues on my sick day.
That’s me, pondering important issues on my sick day.

Soooo here’s an admission. I’m out sick today and I suddenly started thinking about the issue of spit being exchanged in “adult films.” And I realized I don’t really dig it when people drip spit into each other’s mouths, or spit on each other’s faces or anywhere else. I see it pretty often, and it kind of grosses me out.

This is weird because I’m ok with cumshots and squirting. But the spit thing to me seems… I dunno. Gratuitous? Do I have a body fluid prejudice? I guess, in a way, it seems to me that ejaculate (male and female) seem to be perfectly appropriate in a sex scene, since all types thereof are specifically sexual fluids. They fit right in. But spit is not so much explicitly sexual, so when there’s a ton of it being thrown around in a sex scene, I’m like… hm. Not so great.

But this is also pretty stupid when you think about it for more than a few seconds. Spit isn’t primarily sexual in function, but it’s pretty often used as lubricant in vaginal or anal sex, it’s a necessary part of oral sex, and duh when you kiss it gets exchanged. So saliva is almost, if not just as, sexual as other body fluids. And because it’s less explicitly sexual but more commonly seen/used in everyday life, maybe it should be kind of more sexy to see it exchanged in porn. The fact that it’s taboo comes from the fact that it’s not taboo, and that can be super hot.

But still. I am grossed out by seeing it passed around.

I think it’s usually used this way as a heat-of-the-moment thing. Performers tend to do it when they’re so into each other that they seem to want literally every bodily fluid slathered all over them. I could see, maybe, if I were caught up in something and really crazy turned on, and somebody did that to me, being like, “Oh yeah, hawt! That’s part of you and I want it in me and on me.” But watching other people do it just doesn’t make me excited.

Then again maybe I just have a thing with stringy spit. I’m pretty sure I do. I’ve always hated it when, in movies or whatever, you see somebody’s mouth open and spit string from their top to their bottom teeth. Like I know it’s completely normal for that to happen and everything, but it grosses me out. I’m always like, “Couldn’t they edit that out? Or do another take?”

Obviously, whatever the case regarding my issues with stringy spit,  this is silly. And it’s not important. I’m not trying to say that spit shouldn’t be exchanged in sex or porn, or that I know what’s best, or anything. I just found it interesting and thought I’d write about it. Like one does… When one is me. I’d be interested to hear other people’s thoughts on this, if anyone feels like opening up about their personal spit-in-porn preferences.

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