Luna Luna: New Sex Advice Column: Forgiveness and Vibrators and Kink

I just published a new sex advice column over at Luna Luna. I really like this one, and I’d love to know if you do, too. I advise one young woman on forgiving herself for her low libido, and another on getting kinky. It’s rather telling that of the ten “Love + Lust” columns I’ve written so far, 4 of them have covered navigating kink. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions there.

In the meantime, a sampling:

“The important part is that you are taking steps to help heal yourself, in body and soul. But emotional healing isn’t the same as physical healing. It’s a slow and tricky process. Since your emotional state is intrinsically linked to your body’s physical ability to get aroused, it can be frustrating that they don’t always link up. But be patient and proactive. Keep working on healing. Just don’t feel bad about it. Feeling bad won’t help. Feel proud, instead. Proud of how far you’ve come and how awesome you’ve been. Work on it. Remember it. Be confident. Be awesome.”

Go read the rest!

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