Lynsey G will be Bare! on Monday, May 28th!

I mean… I’ll be at Bare! I won’t actually be nude. I mean. Well, technically I’m always nude, under my clothes. We all are. Of course. But I won’t actually be somewhere naked for you to come gawk at. I will, however, be telling a story that involves me being naked, while naked under my clothing, on stage at Bare! True Stories of Sex, Desire, and Romance at Union Hall in Brooklyn on Monday night, 05/28. And, while perhaps not as fun for some of you as me sitting on a stage naked, I do believe the storytelling will quite enjoyable, as well!

Honestly, what better way to wind down your long and drunken and sun-drenched Memorial Day weekend than with some stories about sexy-times as told by the cast of miscreants amongst which I’ll be nestled? There will be yours truly, John Flynn, Nate Rand, and H. Alan Scott, with musical guest Sterling Infinity and a surprise story told by an audience member. The theme for Monday’s event is “Fuggidaboutit,” so the stories will all be about events that are perhaps better forgotten. And yet, of course, unforgettable. Or else we wouldn’t be getting up on a stage in a hispter/yuppie bar with Bocce Ball being played upstairs and talking about them.

Need a little added incentive, aside from the sexy atmosphere and excellent drink specials? Well, Union Hall has sweet potato fries. And Bocce Ball. And there will be a raffle prize of an item donated by Babeland that you could very well go home with! And here’s a pre-taste of my titillating tale: it involves a swing party and a laughable case of mistaken sex acts.

Get your presale tickets here, and be aware: the organizer and legendary sex blogger Jefferson assures me that they almost always sell out. So get ’em while they’re hot!


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