Poetry Brothel Benefit Thursday 05/24

My darlings, I know I am occasionally over the moon about the Poetry Brothel and constantly trying to get anyone within earshot to hear how great it is. And I often try to force you poor people to dish out some dough to attend a brothel event. So please, do bear with me as I do it again.

But this time is special, you see! This isn’t a brothel just for the sake of private poetry readings, sexy entertainment, and drunken debauchery. This is an event that has been put together specifically to help raise money for the brothel’s biggest project of the year: to whit, the second annual New York Poetry Festival, which the brothel’s founders and sister organization, The Poetry Society of New York, are putting on at the end of July. The festival last year was a massive success and this year hopes to be an even more monumental celebration of poetic excellence in the greatest city in the world, but it needs lots of money to make that happen. We poets are a poverty-stricken bunch, but we still need funds to get dozens of outstanding poets and musical acts together, stages and supplies rented and prepared, houses on Governor’s Island rented and decorated… It’s a big job. So please, if you’re around and available tomorrow night, May 24, do stop by the super-exclusive Norwood Club on 14th Street and see what we’ve got to offer. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

There will, of course, be private poetry readings available as always, along with public readings my myself and all the other whores, but there will also be:

-Auctions held for Tiny Books hand-made and hand-decorated by the whores themselves; whoever wins an auction gets a private reading of the Tiny Book in question, and the only existing copy of that book.

-Auctions of services and objects from the whores! I (as my poetry alter-ego Fanny Firewater) will be auctioning a pair of tickets to a sexy storytelling event in Brooklyn at which I’m performing (more on that tomorrow, dearies).

-Featured readings by Jennifer Michael Hecht and Joann Fuhrman.

-Burlesque by Luna Liprari and Miss Em.

-Live music by pianist Jason Laney and opera by Lisa Flanagan.

-Performances and private services from: King Mab, our clairvoyant; Vanishing Vinny, our illusionist; and other, yet-to-be-announced goodies!

This will be an evening to remember, sweetie pies. Please come out if you can! More info and links to advance ticketing here!

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