Me, in Costume, Black and White, and Wig Cap, for your Entertainment

After an extended bout of craziness involving running my porn panel at apexart last Wednesday, hosting several out-of-town visitors and one Madison Young at my tiny Bronx apartment for many evenings, showing said out-of-town visitors around the city, and juggling many ideas and projects… I am burned out. I wanted to write you all something pithy and pointed today about the state of sexuality vis-a-vis porn. I wanted to compose all of you a short-but-sweet article on how to expand the minds of those just waiting for sex-positivity to enter their lives. I wanted to post pictures and videos and all manner of goodies.

But alas, I am… what’s the phrase…? Burnt the fuck out.

So instead I’m going to link to a photo album on The Poetry Brothel of New York’s Facebook page, chronicalling my black-and-white Film Noir makeover. It’s fun, and you get to see me without any makeup AND in a wig cap! Enjoy! And if you don’t LIKE the Poetry Brothel yet, I suggest you click that button immediately.


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