Memes for My Anxiety

As you might not be surprised to hear, I am overjoyed about most of the election that went down on Tuesday! While there are lots of things about Barack Obama’s first term that I’m disappointed about (drones in the Middle East, the lack of fuss being made over climate change, etc), I would a thousand times over rather have him in office than Romney. I’d rather have a guy who endorses gay marriage, gives a crap about poor people, supports women’s reproductive rights, isn’t concerned about cracking down on pornography, and enjoys a good beer than… *shiver* the alternative.

I’m also SO EXCITED about the fact that more of our country has embraced the equality of all Americans when it comes to marriage rights, and that people are recognizing the silliness and futility of the war against marijuana. Huge gains, folks.

That being said, I’m very apprehensive about what happened in California. LA county voters opted to enforce condom use in pornography (and not just condoms–goggles, gloves, etc.), which may throw the already-faltering porn industry into crisis. I’m worried about my LA-based porn friends. And I’m also worried about Prop 35, which passed in a landslide and which leaves the interpretation of “trafficked” people wide open, inviting persecution and prosecution of voluntary sex workers. And you DON’T want your GMOs labeled? Really?!

So… I’m going to just post some cute memes from Facebook that made me giggle. It’ll help…

My favorite.
Women have a way of "shutting that down."
Even from inside our binders!


But… Yeah.

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