Mid-Day Quickie: Links!

Never fear, my darling dolls, I am working away on a response to my weekend in Toronto with all the fabulous feminists at the FPAs and FPCon! But I drafted the post on my new tablet on a very-bouncy Megabus ride back to the city yesterday, so not only does it need content editing and some well-placed quotes, it also needs a very serious proofread for typos. So it’ll be a few days till that happens.

In the meantime, I have stuff for you!

1) A list of all the winners of Feminist Porn Awards this year! I can tell you right now that the list is not as exciting as the event was–the performances, the raw emotion of the tribute to Carlos Batts, the excitement over who would be the next Heartthrob of the Year (Zahra Stardust), and the excellent people watching… But hey, the list is still cool. I promise! You should probably go buy all the films that won, too. Just saying.

2) A shortened version of Courtney Trouble’s article “How I Found My Gender Through Being A Queer Porn Star” on Huffington Post. This article appears in its entirety in the first edition of the Porn Studies academic journal, but the HuffPo one might be easier to access at work. A tidbit to tease you: “While I knew I was queer before I made porn, producing and performing in porn helped me find my gender. Ten years of watching people strap, tuck, shave, paint, bind, glue, and glitter themselves to express their gender in a visual, textural, sexual, and public way has shown me that I did not have to pick something off the rack – I could be, and am, a multifaceted creature that lives in a liminal space.” And let me just say that the title doesn’t even start to begin to give a fraction of an idea about Courtney: she is a queer porn icon, the founder of one of the most successful feminist, queer porn companies ever, a powerhouse performer, a topless DJ, a defender of humanity, and one of the most badassingest people on the planet. There, I said it. Yes, I’m pandering. So the fuck what? If you’d heard her keynote address on Sunday at the FPCon, you would too.

3) A really cool examination of how the sex in romance novels operates similarly to, and differently from, the sex in porn by my good friend Jennifer Williamson. She wrote this in response to a post of mine, and the conversations we’ve had on the topic since.  Succinct and, I think, part of what I hope will become a larger conversation about the ways that sexual entertainment twine into our lives.

4) Oh, and I was profiled on Luna Luna Mag! The editor is doing a retrospective sort of thing this month, as Luna Luna approaches it’s millionth page view!!!

More pictures and thoughts from the Feminist Porn weekend to come! Stay tuned!

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