Prepping FPAs and FPCon: here are some links, go play!

Apologies, my lovelies, for not having had time to blow your minds with my excellent wisdom this week. I know you must miss my ravings. Truth is I’ve been overloaded with editing an article that is supposed to be 2,000 words and which is currently 5,000 words (you might have guessed that I’m an over-writer) and preparing for my trip to Toronto for the 2014 Feminist Porn Awards and the Feminist Porn Conference! I’ll have some (not too many) Tracy Queen materials on hand, and I’ll be taking notes while my partner takes photos all weekend so that when I get back I’ll hopefully have some time to write about what we saw and heard and did with the coolest queers and feminists in the porn world!

Right now I’m up to my eyeballs with work at my 9 – 5, as our department is currently down 5 people (out of around 15), and I’ve been focusing on editing articles for other publications in the evenings. So not much time for writing.

Luckily, Chris Zeischegg (formerly known as Danny Wylde), has had some time, and he’s written a poignant article for Nerve about his experience making a video with his girlfriend after he retired from porn. It says, quietly, a lot about sex, love, porn, and MakeLoveNotPorn, too.

And Bella Vendetta has been writing, too, on her Tumblr. This article, “10 things you thought you knew about porn,”  is from a while ago, but I just had a chance to read it yesterday, and it is so worth reading to yourself… and aloud to anyone who will listen.

And then there’s “10 amazing sex tips by Stoya,” which shows again why we all heart Stoya.

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