Mid-June Links, A Picture, and More!

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Happy mid-June, excellent humans! It’s nearly the summer solstice here in the northern hemisphere, and I am having a hell of a time keeping myself on task. Everything is green and warm and beautiful outside, and I want to be out there enjoying it! Of course, that would mean that my ridiculously pale self would burn to a crisp because I am basically a vampire. So, instead, I’m blogging! I thus bring you a month’s worth of interesting news, sex-positive writing, and think pieces about the wide world of human sexuality—especially the smutty side. And so, without further ado…

Mid-June Links!


  • At the BBC, Tim Harford asks, “Does p*rnography still drive the internet?” The answer is a little bit of yes and a little bit of no, but the article is worth a read beyond that simple redux. Harford is critical of the long-standing argument that smut drives technological innovation (an argument which I firmly stand behind, but I’m always interested in new takes). He also takes readers on a journey through the history of sexy pictures, films, and tech.
  • Anyone following Tumblr after its ban of adult content late last year will know that the micro-blogging platform is not doing well. The internet may not be just for p*rn anymore, but Tumblr clearly was. And, interestingly, Pornhub may be looking to purchase it from Verizon. But, Ana Valens at the Daily Dot warns us, the sex-positive online community shouldn’t hold its breath. Instead, she cautions, “Don’t expect Pornhub to save Tumblr or sex workers.”
  • Speaking of social media and sex… A recent article from one of my favorite sex- and p()rn-positive writers, Tracy Clark-Flory, recently led me down a reading rabbit hole about Instagram’s vaguely worded policies around nudity and sexually suggestive content…and how that fuzzy wording is allowing trolls to effectively shut down adult performers’ accounts, for those performers to be put into vulnerable financial situations, and generally discriminatory, post FOSTA/SESTA shittiness to go down in such a fashion that industry trade groups are getting involved. Worthwhile reading and further proof that, when they come for the sex workers…the rest of us are sure to follow.

Sexy Reading

  • Meanwhile, Zara Zareen’s recent Medium article on her first anal orgasm spares no details. And, while it may seem salacious—and while it is, in fact, salacious—the writing here is brilliant. Zareen focuses on the respect and communication she and her partner use during their anal dalliance. This makes the story arousing but also, interestingly, very safe. Anal sex is often thought of as a dirty, risky practice, but here it’s a beautiful and consensual act that brings partners closer together. Well done!


  • Educator, performer, and general powerhouse Andre Shakti’s latest Q&A column at Slixa is about how to slow down in bed, and it’s a fantastic read. Shakti provides excellent pointers on how to be present with your partner, play around, and enjoy the ride.

A Few Personal Links, Too! (And also a picture of me from a few weeks back in Spokane.)

  • lynsey g mid-june spokaneI’m offering writing coaching and workshops! I’m especially interested in working with folks who are writing memoirs about sex and sexuality. This mid-June, let’s start to work through the process of turning your inspiration into a gorgeous, professional, world-changing book together! There’s more info my services over at my coaching page.
  • I’ve got some books out there in the world!
    • Watching P()rn is my memoir about being an adult entertainment journalist…but really it’s an informative text about the adult entertainment industry and how it works.
    • And Tracy Queen Volume 1 is the first issue of my epic, sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel about a socially awkward indie camgirl with a cyborg-clone army to protect her from the clutches of the p*rn industrial complex.
    • And PACK #1: Humility is the first of a comic book series about vigilante dogs who fight crime, corruption, and gentrification!
  • Did you know I’ve been reading chapters from my book live on Facebook every other weekend? And did you know you can watch ALL of the videos so far on YouTube and Facebook? Well. You can.
  • Or that you can support my work comics creation and publishing company, Oneshi Press, on Patreon? Guess what? You can do that, too!

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