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I write more than just journalism about sex and p*rn, you know. I also write graphic novels, comics, and illustrated books about sex and p*rn…and a lot of other stuff. And now there’s subscription service that will get you all of it and more!

True facts about Lynsey G:

I’m not just a geek about sexuality, gender, feminism, and pornography. I’m also a geek about comics, fantasy, sci-fi, and literature. Also publishing. And making publishing more equitable for diverse indie creators. Oh, and fostering community through all of the above.

Oneshi Press

So a few years ago, I co-founded Oneshi Press along with my partner, Jayel Draco. For the past three years, we’ve been making comics, graphic novels, and art books with a bunch of other amazing creative folks from around the world. So far, we’ve published:

  • seven collections of indie comics (with the eighth on its way next month),
  • the first issue of my sex-positive, sci-fi graphic novel, Tracy Queen,
  • the first issue of my comic series about vigilante dogs, PACK (with the second coming out in September)
  • the first book in an epic fantasy series I’m co-creating with a group of other folks.

And we’ve got more coming!

The Patreon Subscription Relaunch

We’ve been running a Patreon to help us cover some of the costs of this expensive endeavor. Over time, we started getting requests for a way to subscribe to Oneshi Press’s publications. That’s why, today, we’re relaunching our Patreon! Rather than general crowdfunding campaign, the Patreon is now our very own subscription service!

When you subscribe to Oneshi Press, your monthly donation gets you access to Oneshi Press publications in digital and/or print format! Those publications come along with a bunch of other goodies, like art prints, letters from characters, access to our online chat community on Discord, and much more. Subscriptions start as low as $5 a month (the Ally level)!

So, folks, if you’re interested in keeping up with my creative endeavors, or if you want to help an indie publisher stay afloat, or if you just want to see what kind of geeky stuff I get up to… Go over to the Oneshi Press Patreon and see for yourself! Your subscription will help us keep publishing, and it will help keep your nerdy passions sated. I promise.

And hey, thanks for your support!


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