More Press for Consent!

And the writeups and reviews and hype just keeps rolling in for Consent at apexart, you amazing creatures (a month from today… *tear), like a wave at a beach that’s a little dirtier than you want it to be, and you’ll probably go home with a sunburn, but hey, it’s a day at the damn beach dammit! Quit whining.

Some from Aby San Thomas for StarringNYC, and featuring the BEST photo from the opening (featured above and stolen originally from Eat the Cake NYC): ‘Lynsey calls porn a distorted mirror of society, explaining that although porn isn’t always what consumers want to see, it’s what those who make it think people want to see. “People have never really been asked to talk about pornography and their own personal relationship to pornography. And I found out that when I asked people, it was like the floodgates had opened. People really, really wanted to talk,” says Lynsey.’

And some from The Sex Files by Ralph Greco over at ShortandSweetNYC, who manages to spell my name wrong and not say much but is still nice.

And from the folks at apexart itself, a little bit on my next event: a discussion panel about responsibility, ethics, education, entertainment, and sustainability in porn, featuring yours truly, Cindy Gallop, Sarah Forbes, Dan Reilly, and Madison Young (and likely a few others–confirmations pending). Free booze, riveting conversation, and porn all around you! Life, my darlings, is oh so sweet.


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