My First Standalone Comic Book Is HERE!

PACK1-Humility-Logo_square-by_Jayel-Draco-1024x1024I’ve been writing comic books for a few years now, publishing them in 8-page pieces in the Oneshi Press anthology. But this week, my very first standalone comic book issue is out! PACK #1: Humility is now available at the Oneshi Press Store!

About “PACK #1: Humility”

This 36-page, full-color comic book is the first of a 7-part series about 6 stray dogs—and 1 stray man—who put crime under the fang! Written by yours truly, illustrated by renowned multimedia artist Jayel Draco, and lettered by industry stalwart Cardinal Rae, this volume also contains guest art from Jacey Chase, yukidogombie, and Sonne.

PACK #1:Humility tells the story of the PACK’s smallest but proudest member. Humility doesn’t really live up to his name: He’s fierce, proud, and oblivious to his small stature. This domineering mutt completes the PACK of vigilante dogs, each with their own history of trauma and redemption.

In Brooklyn’s First Precinct, gentrification is king and corruption runs deep. On these lawless streets, the line between hero and villain is blurry, but to the PACK it’s simple. Theirs is the only acceptable violence, and their retribution is as fierce as it is brutal. But their vicious vigilantism draws attention. Politicians, city planners, press, and police start sniffing around, closing in on the PACK’s reign of ruthless justice. Soon, one rookie cop must choose a side before it’s too late…

Click on the images below for a peek inside the book!

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This first issue of PACK is now available in limited-edition paperback at the Oneshi Press online store, and in digital format on ComiXology. Grab yours now, or share the news with all the dog lovers and comic book fans in your life!Pack Issue 1 Humility. Now Available from Oneshi Press. Click HERE to buy now

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