Oh Hai! I’m on “Sex With Timaree”!

Hello, darlings! Just a quick update to let you know that I’m on the September 10 episode of “Sex With Timaree”! And the title of the episode is “Lynsey G. Knows Way More About Porn Than You Do.” And that makes me very happy!

I spent almost an hour talking to Dr. Timaree about searching AVN for my own name, Adult DVD Talk, my own porn-viewing experience, my book, and my steadfast optimism about the state of sex work today (by way of Stormy Daniels).

A nibble:

One of the major things that has changed over the past…years, and one of the things that keeps me as optimistic as I can be about the state of politics and laws and the larger climate around pornography…is the fact that people are listening to porn performers now. People are listening to sex workers…Now, I’m seeing sex workers who are speaking at colleges, going to conventions and rubbing elbows with academics and journalists. I mean, hell, there’s a porn star and a sex worker who might be one of the people who helps to bring down Donald Trump as the president of the United States. If that had happened maybe ten years ago, that might not be the case. I don’t know if the public would have been willing to give her the credibility to take it that far.

Listen to the rest on the Sex With Timaree podcast!

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