New Comics & Massive Upsets!

The covers of two comics collections—Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter and the Origins Anthology—fly toward the viewer from an explosive cosmic background.

New Comics! I Edited (& wrote some of) Them! They’re Awesome!

After two Kickstarters, a few delays due to 2020 madness, and massive support from indie comics lovers… I’m proud to announce that both the Origins Anthology and Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter: Act 1 have launched at the Oneshi Press store!

I’m beyond proud to have edited both books. And I even added new pages of my own comics series Tracy Queen and PACK to the anthology. That’s alongside 12 other short comics from a group of creators as talented as they are diverse. There’s a lot more information about the books in this blog post at, so go read up! Or just go grab your copy of the Origins Anthology or Mr. Guy before we run out!

You can get both of these collections of gorgeous, immersive storytelling in art in either limited-edition trade paperback or digital .PDF. (Hint: The paperbacks books are super high quality and packed with amazingness. So they make great holiday gifts! Just sayin’!)

Massive Upsets This Week in the Adult Entertainment Industry.

I wrote abut the hubbub for YNOT, and I can’t post the links on Facebook, so I’m writing about it here. Here’s the gist:

On Tuesday, the adult-content behemoth [P()rnhub]—one of the most-trafficked websites in the world—announced sweeping policy changes to uploads, downloads, verification requirements, and moderation of content.…All these moves notwithstanding, both Mastercard and Visa announced that they were no longer processing payments on Pornhub.”

It’s not clear yet whether the credit card companies’ stops on payments will be permanent, and therefore it’s unclear what ramifications this will have on the adult entertainment industry in general. But given that Pornhub is one of hte biggest adult websites—indeed one of the most heavily trafficked websites, period—in the world, it’s certain that this week’s changes will send shockwaves through the industry and the world for the foreseeable future. Read the rest of the details at YNOT.

PHub and Visa and Mastercard's logos.

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