Next Stop: Creepazoid Territory (AKA Chapter 11)

Chapter 11: Creepazoid Territory (is a terrible title)

True story, folks. I’m awful at titles. For whatever reason, my brain refuses to scrunch all of my ideas up into one catchy phrase that will suck readers in. And, no matter how I try, it just doesn’t get better. So, when I was writing my book, Watching Porn, I threw in placeholder titles for all the chapters. I assumed that somewhere during the long, difficult editing process, I’d be able to plead with my editor to help me rename them. (Also a true story: My editor named my book. I was hopelessly mired in too-long, too-boring attempts, so she swooped in to help me out.)

All of this to say that, when I came up with the title for Chapter 11, “Creepazoid Territory,” I never expected it would make it into the finished book. Suffice it to say, I had editorial difficulties during the editing process and was never able to seek help. And so, nestled amidst merely subpar chapter titles in Watching Porn, there lies the bizarre chapter that I’m going to read live on Facebook this Sunday! It’s a chapter about the mélange of interesting characters one can find at a typical porn convention, including myself and other professional hangers-on, the agents, the managers, the suitcase pimps, and the inevitably turning wheel of the porn world, as illustrated by the Carousel Bar at the Circus Circus casino.

Join me! I’ll go live at 1:00 pm Mountain Time (that’s 3:00 EST, 12:00 PST) and keep at it for about an hour, reading, updating you on all things Lynsey G., and doing a Q&A on porn-related topics afterward. It all happens right here!

Video of “Chapter 10: Vegas and the Sex Toy Revelation”

In the meantime, here’s video from my last live reading! On January 20, I took to Facebook live with a killer hangover, a lot of ginger ale, and some saltines to read Chapter 10. It’s a fun chapter about sex toys and their place in the adult industry, including a quick tour through the history of sex toys—starting in the Paleolithic era. And I did it all in a one-eyed monster onesie!

You can watch it in the embedded video below, on my Facebook page, or on YouTube. (Hint: The outbound links include notes that will link you to further resources on the topics discussed. And you can like/comment/share the video from those places. JUST SAYIN.)

Other Goodies!

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