Come Along to “Vegas and the Sex Toy Revelation” at my Next Live Reading!

Is your 2019 off to a dull start? I hope not, but hey, if it is, I’ve got some entertainment for you to enjoy!

Chapter 9: The Guys

First is the video of the last live reading I did from my book, Watching Porn. On January 6, I read “Chapter 9: The Guys,” in which I shared the good, the bad, and the ugly stories of male porn stars from my first-ever adult industry convention as a porn journalist. It’s a fun, funny, and upsetting chapter all rolled into one. I also showed off the IPPY Gold Medal that the book won, talked about my new comics, and chatted with viewers about the intricacies of male entitlement, objectification, and consent in the adult film industry. Honestly, I didn’t really start reading until about 31:35. You can watch it here, or check it out on my Facebook Page or on my YouTube Channel.

Chapter 10: Vegas and the Sex Toy Revelation

I’ll be going live again this Sunday, January 20, to read the next chapter in my journey to the heart of the American porn industry! In Chapter 10, you can come along on my first trip to the AVN adult entertainment convention in Las Vegas, along with my crew of cultured degenerates from WHACK! Magazine. While there, I have a moment of sudden brilliance that ends up with me hauling hundreds of dollars of sex toys home with me. It’s a short, sweet, fun chapter. Drop by around 1:00 pm MST (so 3:00 Eastern, 12:00 Pacific) on Facebook Live! (So many live-streaming platforms! So few devices to stream on!)


In the meantime, nab your signed copy of Watching Porn here, so you can read along with me and enjoy all the photos throughout the book!

And you can get a copy of my two latest comics in the 7th Oneshi Press anthology right here! There are lots of other comics available at the Oneshi Press store, including lots of other goodies from yours truly, so feel free to explore! Gosh, I’m so full of fun stuff for you!

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