Ohmigosh Comments Sections Aren’t All Horrible!

Sooooo I wrote this article for xoJane and it published on Friday. It’s incredibly personal. I’m terrified of anyone I actually know reading it. It’s about how my work in the porn industry helped me discover myself sexually. And it’s a short article (for me, anyway)–I had to cut it down to about 1600 words from its original 4900 to get it publishable–so I didn’t get a chance to discuss all the nuances I could have. And frankly, when it went up, I was really scared I was going to get a whole lot of comments hating about how I’m not taking this or that into consideration, not talking about my privilege, not covering the damage porn can do to some people, etc… And there’s still plenty of time for that, given that the link is still up on the site’s front page. But so far… people are being REALLY thoughtful and nice! Wow, you guys… I kind of heart you all right now.


I heart you so hard!

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