A Brief Message from Your Hungover Host

A word of advice: when you get invited to a fundraising event thrown by Joshua Darling to support his upcoming print magazine, Darling House, which will be all sexy art and arty sex all the time, and that event includes performances by JM Darling, Brandon B, Eric Walton, Bastard Keith, The Reformed Whores (look them up if you don’t know!), Madame Rosebud, STORMY LEATHER (in case you didn’t know this, I am a little obsessed with her), and Stoya, with photography by Natasha Gornik, Dick Avery, Nathan Appel, Bob Coulter, JM Darling, Dastardly Dave, Haus of Seven, Kencredible, Dave Naz, George Pitts, Steve Prue, Collin J Rae, Holly Randall, Nate “Igor”Smith, Corwin Prescott, Otto Von Erotic,Tony Stamolis and Viva Van Story, and an after-party panel with Stoya, Lux Alptraum, Buck Angel, and Sovereign Syre… GO. Motherfuckin’ GO.

Last night I got to hug an almost-naked Stoya and an even-closer-to-naked Stormy Leather, slobber over incredible photography, snuggle up to JM Darling and Natasha Gornik, see Lux Alptraum with her shirt off, and watch Buck Angel take his pants off on stage. Pictures to come as soon as I get over this hangover.

For real, dude. Next time there’s one of these things, GO. Cancel your other plans. Go. It will be one hell of a party.

That is all.

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