One More Reason to Love Madison Young

Also because she looks like this.

THIS is why I love Madison Young. I just read this old article on, and it made me say, “Yes, yes, yes!”

An excerpt:

“There is a rise of feminist and queer porn producers such as myself, Courtney Trouble, and Shine Louise Houston. For us this is not just a living but is a form of activism and is reflection of our community. There are plenty of queers and non-queer women who enjoy messy sex and enjoy female ejaculate, male ejaculate, piss and other fluids. This is an intimate sexual play to be fluid bonded. And to me it exhibits not an act of degradation but a deep hunger and lust for your partner that is so great that you want to swallow all of them, including their cum which is a physical manifestation of this persons release of pleasure. Why wouldn’t you want to gobble that up? Why wouldn’t you want to have that closeness with your partner? Because of possibly getting some in your hair? When I am having sex with someone I love or someone I’m hot for I am not thinking about my hair. This connection has nothing to do with porn. People have desires for different kinds of sex. Porn is a vast medium. We can’t say that all advertisements make us want to have sex in a certain way or that all movies make us attracted to a certain kind of person. Our sexuality is innate, animalistic and porn can often help to guide or inspire or document our sexual desires. Porn Stars are strong,independent, sexually aware, confident warriors. We are artists. We are activists. We are educators. We are fearless. Why shouldn’t we be heroes? I wish when I was 15 that I had exposure to the sex positive adult actresses who are writing about sex and art. Don’t we want women to grow up with a sense of ownership over their sexuality? In no way do I think that persons who are underage should view porn but if they are aware of a sexually confident strong business woman or an activist as a media figure in the mainstream, I don’t think that is giving the wrong impression of sex to young women. I think it is teaching them to be fearless.”


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