Only Enough Time For…

…me to tell you that I don’t have enough time to blog this week. Stuff is crazy!

But you should know that my birthday was last weekend and it was amazing and izakaya and my friend gave me a bracelet with the words “how you turn my world you precious thing” on it. HOLY CRAP.

And I saw John Cameron fucking Mitchell playing Hedwig live on stage right in front of me from the front fucking row and I made it through the show but at the bar afterward I burst into tears because it was so fucking beautiful.

Also I watched The Dark Crystal and went to the Morbid Anatomy Museum and ate pie.

Next week I will be at Cinekink and the New York City Porn Film Festival and there will be a new Dispatch from a Dark Corner and shortly thereafter a new porn review and stuff will be great.

But right now this week is bananapants crazytime and I feel like this…

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