Cheap and easy ideas for Valentine’s Day

I know lots of people get super stressed out by Valentine’s Day, either because they have an SO or SOs and they want to make it absolutely perfect, or because they don’t have a date and life is terrible.

I want everybody to have a great Valentine’s Day, though, so here are some ideas to take the pressure off and make the day special, but not too stressul! Links provided where appropriate (not for porn sites because I wrote this not at home where I can check the links to see if they work… you can work google on your own, right peeps?) Enjoy!

Cheap and easy ideas for Valentine’s Day, whether you’re solo, paired up, or anything else!

-Get decadent: order your favorite delivery or cook a fancy-pants meal.

-Watch some sexy videos at a paysite. Do not go to a tube site. Those videos are mostly not sexy, and the performers, directors, etc. do not get paid when you watch them! So pay for it, and find something that’s got some soul to it. Try, Erica Lust’s XConfessions, The Art of Blowjob/The Art of Cunnilingus, or Indie Porn Revolution for some sweet, sexy, won’t-feel-dirty-afterward options.

-Take a bath. If alone, do it luxuriously: bubble bath, singing in the tub, exfoliating, face mask, cucumbers, and wine. DO YOU. If with another person or people, enjoy! Just don’t spill too much water on the floor.

-Hang out with your friends. You do love them, right? Go see one of the movies that’s up for an Oscar. Or all of them.

-Splurge a little and pay for a webcam show. No, seriously. Lots of porn stars and sex workers do cam shows on the regular in which, if you pay, you get to interact with them directly. This can be fun for everyone involved, and it’s pretty freaking normal. Lots of people do it. It’s cool.

Most of the people who do these shows enjoy themselves!

-Listen to some sexy tunes and dance around your living room. Or bedroom. You know what I’m talking about.

-Try a something new with your lover. (Hint: stockings and leggings make easy and useful restraints, and spanking is less painful but more noisy when you use a cupped hand and hit the fleshiest part of the butt.)

Or this. You could do this, too. This is new.

-Or, if flying solo this year, try something new with yourself! Get thee to a sex toy store, or, hell, order something on Amazon and get it super-fast delivered. They have a lot of toys for all kinds of bodies.

-Go to a sex party. Trust me, there is one happening near you. Somewhere. Do some creative googling and facebooking.

-Send Valentines to all your friends and family. (And enemies.)


Whatever you do, remember it’s all about love and happiness! So do what makes you happy, not what sounds “perfect” or what’s pricey. Do you, baby. Do you.


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