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Well, I’m Kickstarting again! Let me tell you something about Kickstarting: It is intensely nerve-wracking. I spend months leading up to every campaign preparing: brainstorming, writing, editing copy and press releases and newsletters and blog posts; scouring the internet for helpful resources; reaching out to sponsors and podcasts; planning content release; putting together rewards tiers; planning finances. Then, when the campaign launches, I keep doing all of that, but with the clock incessantly ticking as I feverishly roll out as much content as possible on blogs and social media and everywhere else.

But you know what the fun part is? Talking to other people who are interested in what I’m doing about the project. Kickstarters can be isolating—especially from quarantine—but they’re also excellent opportunities to meet and talk about creative projects with the folks who appreciate them. And that’s what I’ve been doing for the past week! I’m all over the internet on podcasts and in interviews, chatting it up. And it’s a blast!

Here are the podcasts and interviews that have come out so far!

  • The House of Indie Podcast: Jayel Draco and I talked about bro culture, indie publishing, and power vacuums with Joey Galvez! Listen on your favorite podcatcher!
  • Adrian Has Issues Podcast: Mr. Guy writer Jayel Draco talked to Adrian about the importance of being weird, gelatin, and booze delivery, among other things.
  • Wayne’s Comics Podcast: We chatted about meta humor, breaking the 4th wall, and how deep the talent on these projects runs.
  • An interview with Patrick McEvoy, writer of “Skull Planet” in the Origins Anthology, who talks about writing for the stage and the page
  • Spinwhiz Comics Live-Stream: Jayel and I got sidetracked by that time we met Stephen King, but also talked about why collaboration is so important for indie creators
  • An interview with Walter Ostlie, illustrator of Mr. Guy Arc 2 – A Damned Drink, in which Walter talks about learning to draw someone else’s character while staying true to himself.

And there’s more on the way from…

We’ve even got shout-outs happening on…

It’s all to celebrate the stunning feats of creativity on display in the Kickstarter I’m running right now! It’s to fund publication of two comics collections—which I freakin’ love.

If you can pledge, that would be fabulous! If you can’t, you can still show your support by sharing the link, liking or commenting on posts about it, or clicking any of the links above to learn more! Thanks for your support, folks!

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